Friday, July 5, 2019

Famous Korean Food Recommendation Especially in Daegu

Daegu, located in the heart of Gyeongsang-do. To match that, Daegu is the center of a lot of delicious food.
Then, today, I will introduce the delicious foods in Daegu!

Makchang gui [막창구이]

Makchang, the fourth stomach of cattle, has been a popular food since the early '1970s. Before that, makchang was used only to boil soup with a by-product of beef.

However, makchang, which happened to be grilled over briquettes, has become the best accompaniment of alcohol with its chewy texture due to the favorable response from customers.

Makchang is grilled over briquettes or charcoal fire and is dipped in specially prepared soybean paste sauce and eaten with garlic and chives. A combination of the chewy texture, subtle smell of fire and sause is so fantastic.

Daegu’s famous food ‘Makchang’ !! why don’t you eat it with soju?

Nabjjak mandu [납작만두]

Nabjjak mandu, flat dumpling, is dumpling only in Daegu.

Unlike traditional dumplings, it is made less filling and half moon shaped, boiled in water once, and then baked. It is usually eaten with soy sauce, but nowadays it is eaten with tteokbokki or spicy seasoning vegetables.

Miseongdang(미성당) and Nammun nabjjak mandu(남문납작만두) are famous restaurants for this food.

Dongin-dong jjim galbi [동인동 찜갈비]

Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi is a style of galbi that is only found in Daegu.

In 1970s, in Dongin-dong, Jung-gu, beef ribs cooked were put in a crushed pot and cooked with spicy chili powder and minced garlic as the main seasoning.

Unlike galbi jjim, which tastes only with soy sauce, the taste of spicy and sweet is excellent. It is very good to mix rice and marinade, and it is also popular accompaniment to a alcohol.

Bok-eo bulgogi [복어 불고기]

In Korea, puffer fish is usually cooked in soup. But in Daegu, people cook puffer fish specailly. That's the ‘Bok-eo bulgogi’, pupper fish bougogi! ‘Bok-eo bulgogi’ was developed in a restaurant in the late 1970s.

Unlike traditional dishes, it is stir-fried with spicy seasoning, bean sprouts, onions and green onions. ‘Bok-eo bulgogi’ a combination of spicy and sweet seasonings and soft puffer meat, is the best accompaniment to a alcohol.

Also, stir-frying rice with the remaining seasonings is a must-have course for Koreans who love bibimbap and fried rice.

If you want to enjoy spicy Korean-style seasoning and Korean-style dessert fried rice, I recommend ‘Bok-eo bulgogi’ that can only be enjoyed in Daegu!

 Nurun noodle [누른국수]

Nurun noodle is a noodle dish that represents Daegu, also called Gyeongsang-do kalguksu.

The noodles made by mixing flour with a moderate amount of soy flour and the soup boiled by only anchovies are a fantastic combination and taste so nice.

Daegu is a city that loves noodles so much that it has recorded the largest consumption of noodles in korea.

In Daegu where people love to eat noodles, Let’s taste the special noodles in Daegu!



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