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Wine and Daegu's Chicken Dishes are "Fantastic Pairing" Each Other : 🐔~Chickens are always right!!

🐔~Chickens are always right!!

When we go abroad, some dishes at local restaurants look so good and delicious, but if we order food unfamiliar to us, it does not suit our taste or just waste money frequently. But chicken is the right answer wherever you go.
Now many people around the world know that Korean fried chicken is one of the world’s most delicious fried chickens.

Daegu is the mecca of Korean fried chicken. 70 % of Korean fried chicken brands have come from Daegu. And Daegu has held a huge Chicken & Beer Festival, Chimaek Festival every July. We know that beer is the best accompaniment to fried chicken, but chicken is such a good match for wine.
We would like to introduce Daegu's representative chicken dishes that match well with some kinds wine.

🍷Carbernet Sauvignon + 🐔Jjim-dak (Braised Spicy Chicken with Vegetables)

Carbernet Sauvignon is that dark red wine has a strong tannin flavor and a rich aroma flavor with a hint of sourness and sweetness. Well-aged Carbernet Sauvignon smells and tastes of cedar, black currant and pencil shavings. So this rich and heavy flavored red-wine goes well with beef or mutton.

Today, however, we are introducing a Daegu’s representative chicken dish has a fantastic pairing with Carbernet Sauvigon. It’s "Jjim-dak", braised spicy chicken with vegetables.

This braised spicy chicken is cooked and braised with chicken, various vegetables, spicy vegetables, glass noodles and Korean chili sauce.

The braised spicy chicken which is popular among young generations these days, is a “Snow Flake Chicken”. The chicken is cooked in an oven and is dredged with various kinds of cheese such as snow flakes on the braised chicken.

There are various kinds of s braised spicy chicken, such as kimchi, seafood, and cheese. But the original braised spicy chicken has two kinds of original spicy one and soy sauced one. There are several levels of spiciness like super-mild, mild, medium, hot and super-hot depending on your taste. The braised spicy chicken with savory glass noodle, sweet vegetables and rich soy sauce goes well with the Carbernet Sauvigon so much.

* Price : 20,000 Kw ~ 25,000 Kw

  🍷Merlot + 🐔Fried Chicken with Octopus



Merlot is softer, lighter and less tannin flavored red-wine than Carbernet Sauvigon, but it has rich fruit flavors such as cherry or peach. So it goes well with meat and seafood.
Daegu's second representative chicken dish, which is well matched with Merlot, is being introduced.

There are more than hundred kinds of chicken dishes being in Korea. Dozens of new fried chicken are being developed and created in Daegu each year. One of the most unique fried chickens is "Fried Chicken with Octopus" born in Daegu. A whole octopus and a whole chicken are first fried in oil, and baked in an oven. So they are much crispier and richer. And then they are seasoned with sweet and savory special soy sauce.
This fried chicken dish was ranked No. 1 in the best chicken dish in 2015. Even those who do not like seafood can enjoy this fried chicken without reluctance.

So, Merlot, mild red-wine, makes a perfect match with crispy fried chicken and savory fried octopus.
* Price : 20,000 Kw ~ 25,000 Kw

🍷Chardonnay + 🐔Chogyetang (Cold Chicken Soup with Vegetables)


Unlike the above wine, Chardonnay is dry and rich white wine.
Chardonnay is a full-bodied wine with fresh fruit flavors like green apple and pineapple, properly well-balanced sourness.

 Lastly, we are introducing Chogyetang (cold chicken soup with vegetables) which goes well with such refreshing white wine.

The recipe of this chicken dish is boiling a whole chicken with 11 kinds of herbs, various vegetables and fruits for more than 2 hours and cooking it with 10 kinds of vegetables and various fruits with sweet, sour and pungent mustard sauce together. This chicken dish is a traditional Korean fatless, sweet and sour chicken dish soaked on cold broth.

(Source : Daegu Matgip Tour)

Famous restaurants for Chogyetang (cold chicken soup with vegetables) are usually located around Daegu’s famous mountain, Mt. Palgongsan. And it is a perfect dish for Daegu people suffering from super-hot weather in summer, because it is a cold chicken dish. However, it is a very tasty dish, Daegu people like this chicken dish regardless of the season.

So, Chardonnay has a Fantastic Pairing with this unique refreshing chicken dish.

* Price : 35,000 Kw
* Place : #203, Guam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu (Palbong Chogye Gukgu Rest.)
* Phone : 053-314-8882


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