Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Korea's Beautiful Yuchae Flower Field: Trip for Spring Blossoms

The end of cherry blossom season isn’t the end of flowery spectacle in South Korea. Here is another reason why you should plan a trip to Daegu in April asap: Hajungdo Island’s Yuchae flower field! This bright yellow flower, which is awkwardly called rape flower in English, is what draws tourists to 222,000m2 wide island located in Buk-gu.

Spectacular view of this cheerful and mood-lifting flower field is a definitely must-see in Korea during spring. Entering the vast area of yuchae blossoms, you will smell incredible and soothing fragrance of the bloom. This year, the field opens on April 7 or 8. The opening date may change to the next weekend depending on weather. The flowering is expected to peak within 1 – 2 weeks after opening. There will be also entertaining performance, on-hand experience and display that won’t let you get bored.

Opening: April 7 or 8 (May be later depending on weather)
Peak: 1 – 2 weeks after opening
Ending: Around a month after opening

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