Monday, March 5, 2018

A Helpful Tip for Taking Taxi in Korea: Use 1330 Translation Service

 In a big city like Daegu, it is easy to get a taxi on the street. Since the taxi fare is relatively inexpensive in Korea, you might want to consider using it during your trip. It can be, however, a daunting thing to do if you don’t speak Korean! To assist your most convenient travel experience in Korea, Korea Tourism Organization offers translation service 24/7. Dial 1330 when get on a taxi, an agent will translate your location to the taxi driver. You can even ask approximately how long it will take to your destination.

1. Dial 1330
2. Press 2 for English, 3 for Japanese, 4 for Chinese
3. Ask for Translating service.
4. Tell the agent a name of your destination or that you have a note of address to show to the driver.
5. An agent will translate it to the taxi driver

Travel Hotline “1330” is for any question regarding traveling in Korea. So, if you have any question while you are traveling or planning your trip to Daegu, give them a call!
Fine more about the service in this article: 24/7 Korea Travel Hotline 1330. Dial Now to Solve Your Questions!

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