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Cover of the official guidebook(e-book)

Korea Tour Organization has selected Daegu’s Glocal Tour Packages as the best tour of 2017 from 10 packages! Glocal tour means a tour that can show true beauty and fun of a local area that can be loved globally. 

10 Glocal Tour Packages
Daegu “Real Fun! Real Daegu Tour”
Incheon “Romantic Journey to Incheon”
Gyeonggi-do(Gapyeong & Yangpyeong & Pocheon) “Travel the northern Gyeonggi provice and awaken your five senses”
Gwangwon-do(Pyeongchang & Gangneung & Jeongseon) “Hello! Pyeonchang, 2018”
Busan “Medical & Beauty Healing Tour”
Gyeongsannam-do (Tongnyeong & Geoje) “A Flutter of Love”
Jeollanam-do (Yeosu & Suncheon) “The Night sea where I want to walk with you”
Jeollabuk-do (Jeonju & Gunsan & Buan) “A Journey to K-food in Jeollabuk-do Province – From Farms to the Table”
Daejeon & Chungcheongnam-do (Buyeon & Gongju) “BAEKJE! HISTORY ISSUE”
Chungcheongbuk-do (Jecheon & Cheongju) “Korean Medicine & Presidential Road Healing Tour”


One-Day Tour
Course A | Make an unforgettable memory as if it were from a movie
Museum of Medical Missionary Works (House of Chamness) – C’est la vie Coffee Shop – Yakjeon Restaurant – Gyeongbuk Uni. Tree-lined Road

Course B | Discover the hidden cultural relics of Daegu
Dodongseowon Confucian Academy – Village of Nampyeong Mun Clan – Mabijeong Mural Village – Samunjin Tavern Village

2Days-1Night Tour
Course A | Experience delicious local food of Daegu,
[Day1] Flat Dumplings – Yeongdodaum – Museum of Tools – Yaki Udon
[Day 2] Modern Alley Danpatppang – Jingolmok Alley – Café Samduk – Bukseongno Bulgogi Alley

Course B | Time-travel to from the modern to Joseon era of Daegu and Andong
[Day1] Daegu Hyanggyo – Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park – Daegu Modern History Museum – Daegu Modern Alley
[Day2] Andong Haheo Village – Byeongsangseowon Confucian Academy – Bongjeongsa Temple

There are also 3-day and 4-day tour courses on the official guidebook!

The Official Guidebook
Not only you can enjoy a glocal tour package with a group led by a professional, you can have your own trip with its official guidebook! Its name is called ”Must Experience 10 Korea Attractions” Click here to download one. In this book, you can find a specific information on each tour packages such as attraction details, accommodations and transportation.

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