Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Korea's Most Beautiful Festival: Dalgubeol Lantern Festival in Daegu

Even people who don’t know about Daegu recognize this festival: Dalgubeol Lantern Festival! The first time lantern festival started was in the 10th century in Goryeo period. Back then, it was celebrated in October and was not related to a religion. 

Today, Daegu’s lantern festival takes place in spring around Buddha’s birthday. The culture surrounding this event is rooted in religion. However, this event is for everyone regardless of religion, age or nationality! It’s about people gathering together and wishing for a best luck by letting a lantern fly high up into the sky.

This year, the Merrymaking event will take place on May 19! Mark your calendar ahead of time! Please follow us for more details!

  Date: May 19
  Location: Duryu Park

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Image: Ilyong Lee

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