Thursday, February 22, 2018

20 Traditional Korean Market Tour in Korea | “Sijang” Tour

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced top 20 traditional markets in Korea. These markets, also called “Sijang” in Korean, were selected for their various types of foods and fun attractions. Sijang is a great destination for those who love to have food and cultural experience.

On the list is Daegu Seomun Market, which had previously won the Star of Korean Tour 2017. As walking along the narrow alley of the market, you can see a crowd of locals and visitors and long lines of vendors. The smell of warm noodles and fried mandoos will make your mouth filled with water. Also, the infamous night market is only a fraction of what you can expect from this fun and vibrant market!

Crispy "Triangle Mandoo"
Day vs. Night at Seomun Market
Seomun Night Market is much more than tasty street foods! 

Reserve a day from a trip and explore around a local market! J

20 Traditional Korean Market Tour 2018
Namdaemun Market
Tongin Market
Mangwon Market

Namnun Market(Suwon)

Singi Market

Gukjae Market
Bupeyong (Kkangtong) Market
Jagalchi Market

Seomun Market

1913 Songjeong Station Market

Wonju Jungang Market
Jeongseon Arirang Market
Chuncheon Romantic Market (aka. Jungang Market)
Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market

Gyeongsan buk-do
Andonggu Market

Chungcheong nam-do
Seocheon Fishery Market
Gongju Sanseong Market

Chungcheong buk-do
Yukgeori Market (Cheongju)
Danyang Gugyeong Market

Jeolla buk-do
Jeongju Nambu Market
Gongseol Market(Namwon)

Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market

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