Monday, January 15, 2018

PLAN YOUR SEOLLAL HOLIDAY| KTX, train ticket booking starts on Jan 16 in 2018

Seollal, One of the biggest Korean holidays is coming! During Seollal(lunar new year’s day), Koreans scattered throughout the peninsula travel to gather in one place to have quality time with family. Because of that, it is VERY difficult to find a train or bus ticket during this holiday season. For those who don’t plan for family gathering, it is a perfect time to travel around Korea, especially Daegu!
The booking for Seollal tickets(Feb 14 – 18) starts on Jan 16. *booking for trains bound to other areas may vary.

✔You need to have KORAIL membership. Make sure you sign up in advance.
✔Up to 12 tickets can be purchased.
✔Up to 6 tickets can be paid at each transaction.
✔No discount applicable


First, they release tickets on January 17 for a limited time and on a selected platform. In order to book for this time, you need to get prepared to have your Internet ready or wait ahead at the station. Total, 203 train stations around Korea have Seollal tickets ready!
*Small stations may not sell Seollal ticket on Jan 17.
*Let's Korail website is available in Korean only.
Then, on the next day from 4pm, the usual platforms—app, website and stations(including machines)—are available for booking.

Until Jan 21: Free(online), 400won(Station)
Jan 22 – 2 days before departure: 400won
– 3 hours before: 5%
– before departure: 10%
– 20 min after departure: 15%
– 60 min after departure: 40%
– before arrival: 70%
*Refund possible only at station after departure

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