Monday, January 22, 2018

E-world Winter Break Festival: Sledding Competition, Fishing Smelts, Roasting Chestnuts and more!

One of Korea’s biggest amusement parks, Ewolrd, is hosting a winter festival! E-world Winter Break Festival continues until this weekend with a variety of events! As a lot of you already know, Starlight Festival is happening until the February. This week will be a great time to enjoy what E-world has to offer. f you are curious, please keep reading!
*All images by E-world otherwise indicated. 

─ Date: Now – January 28
─ Location: E-World
─ Address: 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
─ Address(KR): 대구시 달서구 두류공원로 200
─ Admission(Adult): Entry 18,000KRW/ Free-pass 37,000KRW/Night Free-pass 21,000KRW

#1 Family Sledding Contest
A great opportunity to bond your family together! Join E-world’s family sledding contest! Or, just enjoy the speed sledding! This amusement park has the longest sledding tube lift in Daegu. Take a lift to the top and sled away!

─ Contest: Saturday and Sunday, 15:30 – 16:00
─ Sledding: 10:30 – 17:30 (18:00 on weekend)
─ Location: Cocomong Snow Village 코코몽눈빛마을
─ Price(Sledding): Adult 5,000KRW, Children 4,000KRW
*Free on one-day free pass or yearly pass

#2 King of King Attractions
When a minute hand reaches 12, challenges start at the most famous attractions at E-world. Take a challenge at Mega Swing, Camel Back, Tambourine and Boomerang! It will surely add more excitement!

─ Date: Friday – Sunday, 16:00 – 19:00
─ Location: Mega Swing, Camel Back, Tambourine, Boomerang

#3 Fishing Smelts!
The heart of winter is with us now. That means it’s time to fish some smelts! Try your best to fish as many as you can! You can also cook your delicious snack with the fish you just caught. Roasting chestnuts is also another favorite activity you can do here! 

─ Date: Everyday, 10:00 – 18:00
─ Location: Cocomong Snow Village 코코몽눈빛마을
─ Price: 3,000KRW

#4 E-world Food Battle
Whenever we are out having fun, good food is always the best company! Get a Food Battle Coupon at the main entrance of the park. And challenge yourself

Daegu Travel
─ Coupon Pick-up Location: Main entrance

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