Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Flying to Daegu from America and Europe becomes more covenient than ever.

Flying to Daegu from America and Europe becomes faster than ever.

For those who are planning to visit Daegu from America and Europe, here is a great news for you! When you come to or leave Daegu by flight, you need to transfer at Incheon International Airport. In order to transfer, you have to go through check-in process again. However, this is changing beginning January 18, 2018.

1 check-in only
When you are coming from America and Europe to Daegu, you need to check-in at the very first departure point and check-out at Daegu airport. Likewise, when you depart from Daegu airport, check-in there and check-out when you arrive at the final destination. You don’t need to check-in again when you transfer at Incheon Airport.

60 minutes to 3 minutes

What happens? The time it takes to transfer at Incheon Airport will dramatically reduce from 60 to 3 minutes! Plan your trip to Daegu asap! :)

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