Friday, December 8, 2017

A Massive THANK YOU to our Social Media Reporters 2017!

A Massive THANK YOU to our Social Media Reporters 2017!

A crucial part of our Daegu Travel channels are articles and pictures submitted by our dear Citizen Reporters! After careful selection process, Daegu Travel team was able to pick 24 passionate and capable reporters!  Starting from this spring until now, we had a required and free missions for each season to showcase lovely parts of Daegu to all people across and outside the country. Thank you so much for your contributions! We hope to see you around! Apply for the next year if you can! The following is the closing ceremony from yesterday!

2017 DAEGU TRAVEL Social Media Reporters Closing Ceremony
"Adieu Daegu, Again Daegu!" 

Daegu Travel team was all ready for our reporters to come. We had prepared a few gifts to express our gratitude.

People working behind our channels have all gathered here to celebrate the moment.

Aideu Daegu, Again Daegu! 24 reporters have created 122 contents for this year!

Each reporter shared their thoughts with all of us. Many expressed that they would apply for the next year. Thank you! If you are also interested in serving as Daegu Travel Social Media Reporter, stay tune on our channel for announcement!

We were so happy to work with you all! Keep your smile on! Keep your camera on! Keep letting the world know what you have to share with it!

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