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8 Best Korean Winter Munchies: bungeoppang, hotteok, eomuk and more!

8 Best Korean Winter Munchies: bungeoppang, hotteok, eomuk and more!

Street food vendors dotted on streets in Korea is a certain signal that winter has arrived! It’ very easy to spot a vendor that sells exclusive winter snack! We’ve complied 8 best Korean winter munchies that are at hearts of Korean people! While you are exploring Daegu, they offer great and convenient options to fill your stomach. I am not saying you will love these all but challenge yourself to experience different varieties when you landed in a foreign country;)

No. 1 bungeoppang 붕어빵
Bungoeppang is a goldfish shaped bread filled with sweet red bean paste. It is one of the most symbolic Korean winter food that people of any age enjoy. The outer break part is just crispy enough and fillings come in many variation for the past decade: custard cream, pizza and more!

Cost: 400-500KRW/piece
Where to find: near subway stations or bus stops and any busy sector of the city.

No. 2 Hotteok 호떡
Mmmm. Thinking of hotteok just makes my stomach crave for it! Hotteok is a deep-fried little pancakes stuffed with black sugar, cinnamon and nuts! I recommend you eat this when it just finishes cooking, blowing it to cool down the sweet stuffing! It’s an instant energy booster!  

Cost: 500 – 1,000KRW/piece
Where to find: any market(sijang) such as Seomun Market

No. 3 Eomuk 어묵
Eomuk is commonly seen all year around at a snack store or vendors. However, it’s the winter when this delicacy shines the most when served super hot from deep-flavored broth. Make sure you try broth cooked from anchovy, many vegetables and soy sauce! It warms your body immediately!  

Cost: 400 – 500/stick
Where to find: near subway stations or bus stops and any busy sector of the city.

No. 4 Hoppang 호빵
“ho- ho- ho-“ Don’t be mislead. It’s not the sound of Santa Claus! During winter in Korea, this sounds symbolizes people devouring hoppang, hot steamed buns. As you can tell, the name of this munchies derived from the onomatope. The classic hoppang is filled with soft red bean paste. Other variation include vegetables and pizza fillings inside! Yumm.

Cost: 1,000 – 1,500KRW
Where to find: market(sijang), convenience store. 

No. 5 Boiled corn 찐옥수수
Boiled corn is one of the most nostalgic Koran winter foods! It is both at home and on the street. Corns are boiled in a little sweetened water and then kept warm steamed. Boiled corn is comparatively a rare winter food that you need to hunt for during winter!

Cost: 1,000-1,500/corn
Where to find: Mabijeong Mural Village, a market(sijang)

No. 6 Baked sweet potatoes 군고구마
Gungoguma literally means baked sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes are cooked in large iron barrels with wood. This way, it becomes extra sweet and hot, which makes it a perfect winter munchie!  

Cost: 1,500 – 2,000KRW/sweet potato
Where to find: Mabijeong Mural Village and a market(sijang)

No. 7 Roasted Chestnut 군밤
Along with gungoguma, roasted chestnut is popular winter food that has nostalgic vibe for Korean people. This healthy snack is cooked without any flavor but takes wonderful!

Cost: 3,000-5,000LRW/pack
Where to find: Mabijeong Mural Village, Outside Dongdaegu Station, a market(sijang)

No. 8 Tteok-bokki 떡볶이
Ttoek-bokki is Korea’s most iconic street food! The red look of the food might daunt some of you but this dish actually comes in various level of spiciness. If you can’t handle the spiciness, ask the vendor owner. Nonetheless, steaming tteok-bokki tastes extra fantastic during winter!

Cost: 2,000 – 3,000KRW/dish
Where to find: literally any neighborhood!

One tip to conquer this list is going to Seomun Market, Dongseongro or Mabijeong Mural Village! 

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