Thursday, November 30, 2017

Winter Bucket List in Korea 2017 : 3 Things to try in Daegu

Winter Bucket List – Top 3 things to try in Daegu

Winter in Korea is known to be harsh and we all know that ‘winter is coming’! Now the ball is in your court. You can either hibernate yourself by spending the whole weekend in your room, or you can put on a jacket and go out to fight the cold-induced lethargy and have some unforgettable time. You’ll say How? Well, no matter what time of the year it is, Daegu will always be the perfect spot for all kind of travelers. Cherry blossom festival in Spring, Chimac festival in Summer and beautiful fall foliage in Autumn. And when comes winter, there are basically 2 reasons why people love to visit Daegu in during this season. First, because Daegu is a hotter city compared to other cities in Korea, so winters here aren’t brutal as the temperature doesn’t go too low below the zero degree. Second, although it hardly snows in Daegu, yet you can still enjoy all the winter activities like indoor and outdoor ice skating all around the season.
So, if you are planning to visit Daegu in winters, here are the 3 must things to do thing winter.

a) Korean Traditional Pottery Class

Have you ever thought about getting your hands-on with clay? Well, whether it’s just  throwing a pot on wheel or painting a ceramic, working with clay offers an unforgettable experience that gives you the opportunity to create beautiful artworks to take back home – making it a must thing to do.
There are many ceramic studios in Daegu where you can get hands-on and have a go but I will be sharing my experience of “T-IM Crafts Gallery and Shop” which is also a highly recommended place to visit.
The moment you enter the studio, you will see pottery gallery and art shop displaying amazingly beautiful masterpiece made by the owners of the studio.

On the second floor there is the pottery academy where people come and learn the art of pottery. The staff here are very cooperative, friendly and super fluent in English, so even if you don’t understand Korean, no need to worry about ruining your cup shape :D
Once done with the design, you can write anything on them and hand over the cups to the owners who will bake them in special oven and will return you back in a week. So, if you also want to make your own pottery and take back something with you that will last as an unforgettable memory, winter is the perfect time to take a pottery making class.
Address: 60, Padong-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

b) Ice Skating at Daegu’s iconic Tower

83 Tower is Daegu’s landmark and offers the best place to enjoy ice skating in the heart of Daegu. This ice rink is one of those very few rinks in Daegu that meet the international standards. Recently remodeled, 83 Tower’s ice rink attracts a huge number of ice skate lovers during the whole season.
You don’t need to bring your equipment as these can be borrowed from there including skates, helmet, gloves and supports for beginners.
After done skating, you can also enjoy breath taking night view of Daegu from the revolving restaurant at the sky lounge.

Fees : Adult 8,000 won / Teenager 7,500 won / Child 7000 won
Address: 2nd floor, E World 83 tower, Duryu1,2 dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
How to go: 12min walk from Exit 15 of Duryu station, subway line 2

c) Dinner at an Indian Restaurant

After having fun-filled experiences of pottery making and ice skating, the best way to finish your day would be having a delicious dinner at an Indian restaurant. Indian food is currently gaining popularity among Koreans and as a result, you can find lots of Indian restaurants not only in Seoul, but also in Daegu. If you head towards Keimyung University, you can find bunch of restaurants offering Indian cuisine to make your dinner date, a perfect one.
One of the restaurants which is recently opened is called ‘Deira’ and is quite popular among the students. You can have Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Arabic food options to choose from.

Indian food is generally considered to be spicy, so having a chilly dinner on a chilly night of winter is always a good idea :)
Address: 1721-4 Sindang-dong Dalseo-gu, Daegu | 3rd Floor, Daegu

Let us know how are you planning to spend your winter in Daegu? We look forward to read your comments once you have tried any of these recommendations.

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