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[One Day Korea Tour] Hwawon Dongsan & Samunjin Ferry

A Wonderful Day Along River in Korea

Hwawon Dongsan & Samunjin Ferry

A home of many animals, plants and fish including threatened species, Nakdonggang River passes through two major cities in Korea: Daegu and Busan. Nakdonggang River is actually the longest river in Korea! Once in Korea, spending time riverside is a “must” to understand how Korean enjoy their leisure time and, most importantly, to fully enjoy Korea yourself! With no further due, let’s head to Hwawon Dongsan and Samunjin Ferry along Nakdonggang River!

Hawon Dongsan

Take a riverside trail
One of the best ways to enjoy the Dongsan is walk along the riverside trail.

Ride an electric duck car
Hawon Dongsan is a mount located near the river. If you’d like to save yourself form walking, you can ride an electric duck car to head to the top. The duck car circulates the entire mound in 20 minutes.

─  Price:
Weekdays Adults 3,000KRW, Children 2,000KRW
Weekend Adults 4,000KRW, Children 3,000KRW

Your eyes will never get tired
From Kid’s café, zoo, tombs to 500-year-old tree, you will never get tired of the view on your duck car ride. There is also Hwawon Mini Land for kids where kids can enjoy electric cart, merry-go-round, mini train and bumper cars. Those attraction costs around 1,500 - 3,000KRW each.

Enjoy river view from the very top
Whether you walk or ride an electric car, you are here at the very top of the hill! Here is an observatory where you can take a bird-eye view of Nakdonggang River and Dalseong-gun area. The observatory is a 4-floor-building: cafeteria on 1st, resting place on 2nd, observatory area on 3rd and 4th. The observatory is free.

Let’s play some piano
There is a piano stairs to play with your friends!

Samunjin Ferry

Meal tastes even more delicious
After some exploration, we need to feed out stomach a great meal. Samunjin Tavern Village is conveniently located right by the beginning of Hwawon Dongsan. Here, you can eat from noodles, gukbab(beef stew with rice), jeon(Korean fried pancake) and alcohol. Surprisingly, they cost only from 4,000 – 5,000KRW even if it is a highly tourist spot!

Let’s really dive into the beauty of river
If you are a true explorer, you might want to consider taking a ferry. Round-trip takes about 40 – 45 min. It takes to you the famous the Arc in Gangjeongbo.

─  Price:
Weekdays Adults 8,000KRW, Children 5,000KRW
Weekend Adults 10,000KRW, Children 7,000KRW

Don’t miss out beautiful sunset over river

Lastly, enjoy X-mas lights! 
Once sun goes down, Samunjin Ferry turns into a beautiful spot to see Christmas lights! Actually, these lights are up all year around ;) However, if you come after early December, you will get to see Samunji’s beautiful Christmas tree!

─  Address: 40-12, Samunjin-ro 1-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 달성군 화원읍 사문진로1 40-12

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