Monday, November 20, 2017

Night at Dongchon Resort: Duck Pedal Boat, Sunrise Bridge, Restaurants! (Daegu, Korea)

The Charm of Winter Trip: Night Out @Dongchon Resort

Dongchon Resort is a place that is very popular among Koreans but expats don’t really know about. Located by Geumho River, it presents you a beautiful riverside scene, especially a night scene. Throughout the year, many people come to this area for relaxation at park or simply to treat themselves a nice meal!

Come for food!
Yes, Dongchon Resort area is known for its food town. From a very traditional Korean meal, grilled meat to trendy pasta/pilaf place, you will find something you’d love to eat! Moreover, there are a plenty number of cafes if you need a dessert of daily dose of caffeine in your system!

Ride on a night river.
Duck boats are a very Korean thing to do at a river or lake. Here in Dongchon Resort, you can actually choose from various types of boats: duck pedal boat, electric duck boat, whale boat and paddle boat.

Duck pedal boat: 10,000KRW for two people, 15,000KRW for 3-4 people
Electric duck boat (up to 4 people): 20,000KRW
Whale boat (up to 4 people): 17,000KRW
Paddle boat (up to 2 people): 10,000KRW

The charm of winter lies in this Sunrise Bridge!

Many people know Ayang Railroad(20min from the resort by foot) but not this beautiful Sunrise Bridge! Whether it be a sunset or a night view, the river and the bridge combo really presents a quite a view!

─ Location: Near Dongchon Sation(Line1)  Exit 2 and 3
─ Address: 73, Hyodong-ro 6-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
─ Address(KR):  대구시 동구 효동로 6일 73 

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