Thursday, November 23, 2017

[Korea Tour] Stay in Korean Traditional House, Hanok Guesthouse

Seomun Hanok Guesthouse Now Open!

Near the infamous Seomun Market, a brand-new guesthouse has opened! This 2-story Korean traditional house style gueshouse has been making fuzz among bloggers and people in tour industry since construction. Not to mention its beautiful architecture and cozy housing, the proximities to all prime tour attractions such as Seomun Market, Cheongna Hill and downtown make it one of top lodging options for tourists!

Stay in this rare hanok beauty..
This traditional style architecture used ancestors’ wisdom and was built with earth, trees and hanji. It has total 7 rooms with maximum capacity of 30 people.

Details continues inside
There are subtle beauty about this place even inside the building. Interiors and decorations are all about Korea’s’ old days.

“Blue 푸른” room
Each room comes with A.C., refrigerator and television. What’s more, there is a private bathroom in each room!

“Jealousy 시샘” room
The following is the picture for room of up to 8 people. 8-people room has two private spaces: one is like a living room and the other is like a bedroom. 8-people room on the first floor has a mini kitchen with rice cooker, induction, and sink ready for you.   

Common areas
In addition to a bathroom in each room, there is a shower room next to a café on the first floor. In the café, you can have your breakfast like toast and soup. Even if you are not a guest to the guest house, people can come just for the café. In the yard, guest are welcome to try hanbok(Korean traditional costume) and Korean traditional games. Once again, people are welcome to join for this experience even if they don’t stay at the house:)

After sunset, it becomes even brighter.

─  Location: Seomun Station (Exit3) or Sinnam Station (Exit1)
─  Address: 26, Keunjang-ro 24-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 중구 큰장로24 26
─  Contact: 053-424-5800
─  Price:
2-people room: 35,000KRW
4-people room: 50,000KRW
8-people room: 100,000KRW or 110,000KRW(with kitchen)

2-people room: 45,000KRW
4-people room: 60,000KRW
8-people room: 120,000KRW or 130,000KRW(with kitchen)
─  English speaking staff: yes (basic conversation possible)

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