Monday, November 6, 2017

3 Outdoor Things to Do Before Winter in Korea (Daegu)

3 Outdoor Things to Do Before Winter
The First Day of Winte “Ip Dong” is A Day Ahead!

In the morning recently, you already see some people wearing winter coats. It’s only the beginning of November but in Korea the official beginning of winter is only a day ahead. “Ip Dong 입동” which literally means the onset of winter refers to the 19th out of 24 seasonal divisions used by Korean ancestors and even people today. These divisions are based on location of sun in the sky so it is popularly used to accurately estimate the change of season and weather in Korea.
When Ip Dong comes, animals starts to dig into ground, leaves fall and grass dry. This is the most popular time for Koreans to make kimchi for the next year before cabbages are out of production.
Before freezing cold winds sweeps through Korea, let’s have our 3 outdoor activities done for this fall!

Take A Ferry To The Arc

The Arc is one of the most visited spots in Daegu. But. Have you thought about going there by ferry? At samujin ferry, you can take a 15 ride to the Arc while enjoying beautiful view of Daegu’s countryside. You can also travel from the Arc to Ferry depending on your itinerary!
─  Address: 40-12, Samunjin-ro 1-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 달성군 사문진로 1 40-12

Have Outside Foot Spa

On Yangnyeongsi Street is located the popular tourist spot among expats, “Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum.” Not only what’s inside the museum, we highly recommend you dip your feet into warm herbal water located outside the building before it gets cold!
─  Address: 49, Dalgubeol-daero 415-gil, Namseongno, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 중구 남성로 달구벌대로 415 49

Take a Walk Along Lake

Taking a walk at a relaxing place sounds especially appealing during fall. At any park in Daegu, trees and grass turned into their color to look like a piece of painting. Among all, Suseongmot is a definitely one of the top places to check out!
─ Address: Suseongmot, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu

─ KR Address: 대구 수성구 두산동 수성못

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