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Travel Daegu: 10,000 won vs 30,000 won Dating Course

10,000 won vs 30,000 won Dating Course

Autumn has officially arrived in Korea, which means - this is that perfect time of the year when you can see air filled with love and streets littered with happy couples. If you are also looking to find a perfect dating spots for an unforgettable date, you are lucky as Daegu has it all. In order to make your first date a best date, here are some of the ideas about 10,000 Won Date Course vs 30,000 Won Date Course. You can choose anyone of them depending on your wallet :)
Let’s start with the cheaper one :)

10,000 won Dating Course:

1)    KimGwangSeok Street

When we talk about a perfect, yet free spot to have an amazing date in Daegu, “KimGwangSeok Street” is at the top of the list among young couples. This Street is one of those places in Daegu for which this city will always be proud of. No matter what time of the year you come here, it’s always full with youngsters walking down the street while holding hands and spreading smiles.
You can find lots of cafes, restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy delicious food. Not only that, Kim Gwang Seok’s music and songs playing in the background, makes the environment even more romantic. 

2)    Riding the modern Daegu Trolley Bus

We know you’d like to go to San Fransisco with your loved ones. You may think that it is impossible by having 10,000 won in your pocket, but we have a solution -  ‘San Fransisco in Daegu’.
When it comes to transportation, Daegu has it all– subways, metro buses, cable cars, city tour buses and trains. But what distinguishes Daegu from other cities is it gives you an opportunity to have a trip around the famous places on a Cheongna Bus aka “Daegu Trolley Bus”. A ride with this trolley bus not only lets you see places where past, present and future revolved in Daegu but it also gives a touch of the trolley buses in San Fransisco.
You can take the Trolley Bus from Kim Gwang Seok Street Trolley Bus stop and can get off at any one of the 10 stops, but let us make your date a memorable one by taking you to the ‘Daegu Alley Tour’. The price of a ride is 2,000 won.

3)    Daegu Junggu Alley Tour

Along the crowded streets of Daegu Downtown, there are small alleys that cut through the sides and where you can have a time travel of the Old Daegu in past. There are five courses available but if you are in Daegu for a day, we would highly recommend Course 2 i.e “Modern Cultural Street”
Details of all the 5 courses can be found here
Since you would be riding trolley bus, it’s very easy to go to Course-2. You can get off at the “Cheongna hill - March First Independence Movement Road” station and see famous historical attractions like Independence Movement Road, Gyesan Catholic Church, Dongsan Cheongna Hill and many others.

30,000 won Dating Course:

1)    Daegu Dongseongno Street

Let us be very honest, your trip to Daegu would be incomplete without visiting the most crowded and lively place in the city i.e Daegu Dongseongno Street. Full of energy, life and passion, this street is located in the downtown area and is a popular dating spot for couples since you can visit different cinemas, shop around the famous shopping malls and enjoy not only the local food  but also international cuisine like Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish, Indian, Kazakh or even Mexican :)

2)    Suseong Lake

How about skipping the traditional candle light dinners in the crowded restaurants in downtown and taking a boat ride in a beautiful lake at evening? Sounds fantastic – right?
Seousong Lake offers different colors at each season of the year - in summer: you can find greenery everywhere, in autumn: beautiful orange, yellowish leaves on the walking tracks and in spring: cherry blossom welcomes you. So, believe it or not, this spot is a must thing to do on your 30,000 dating course. You can enjoy a duck boat ride for 30 mins costing just 10,000 won per person.

3)    Daegu Apsan Mountain

At night, what can be more amazing thing to do, than seeing the Daegu City’s skyline – and Apsan mountain offers the best spot to relax and have a bird eye view of the whole city. You can hike upto the observatory but the best way to get there is to ride a cable car. This cable car takes about 5-6 mins and costs 9,500 won return ticket. While riding cable car, you can also enjoy beauty and greenery of Apsan mountain.
Best time to enjoy Daegu’s skyline is at evening, while the sun is setting down. When the Daegu Tower lights up, it looks like no less than Eiffel Tower standing with pride in the center of the beautiful city.
We can bet your date would love the time spent with you during this dating course, and if still not, you gotta find a right partner buddy! :)  

Let us know in the comments section about your dating experience and which course did you follow.

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