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6 Best Mural Villages in Korea- Sunrise Village, Happy Village, Mabijeong and more!

6 Best Mural Villages in Korea

A great way to bring back your childhood spirit is to walk around a mural village! Pastel palettes and adorable paintings are what we all are fond of. We’ve rounded up 6 best mural villages in Daegu, Korea for you to pick one according to you aesthetic taste or locational convenience! We also challenge you to find 3 missions at each village, so make sure you check them out! (*All villages except KimGwangSeok St. is residential area. Please be considerate when you make a visit)

Sunrise Mural Village

─  Location: Ayanggyo Station(Line1)
─  Address: 88-1, Hyodong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구 동구 효동로 88-1
Near Dongchon Resort, Sunrise Mural Village(해맞이 벽화마을) is very accessible since it is located right by a road. What sets apart the village from others is that its art uses vivid colors and is attentive to details.

3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 The stairs decorated with dreamy painting(pic above)
2 A dinosaur with wings
3 The baby dinosaur, Dooly(a beloved Korean cartoon character)

Duryu Miro(Maze) Village

─  Location: Near Bangogae Station(Line2) and E-world
─  Address: 32, Seongdang-ro 51-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
─  Address(KR): 대구 달서구 성당로 51 32
Duryu Miro Village will excite your inner adventurous spirit with its maze-like layout! The village has even a map and numbers marked on walls to help visitors not get lost in the middle of village. What is lovely about this place is its mosaic mural art! As you can see from images, the use of tiles definitely creates more character to this peaceful neighborhood.
3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 A collaborative art by local elementary students
2 A zebra
3 Rainbow

Mabijeong Village

─  Address: 259, Mabijeong-gil, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 달성군 화원읍 마비정길 259
If you are a kpop lover, you will recognize this place right away! A extremely famous TV show “Running Man” once shoot its episode here. A number of locals and tourists visit this village to immerse themselves into Korea’s 1960’s to 70’s spirit.

3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 A boy catching dragonflies
2 Two boys getting punishment on a desk
3 The Love Tree (it’s an actually tree!)

99-Stair Mural Village

─  Location: Geondeulbawi Station(Line3)
─  Address: 24, Icheon-ro 29-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구 남구 이천로29 24
As you enter 99-Stair Mural Village, you will notice steep stairs that has 99 steps. Luckily, the mural art is all located under the stairs so you don’t need to climb it to enjoy the village;) This village was kindly decorated by Keimyung University and Gyeonbuk Arts High school students. They filled this cozy village with ocean-theme art and famous cartoons!

3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 A clock “11:58”
2 Nemo
3 Lion King

Ongi Jongi Happy Village

─  Location: Near Dongchon Sation(Line1)
─  Address: 932-15, Ipseok-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구시 동구 입석동 932-15
Are you trying to pronounce the name? J Simply, called Happy Village, it offers a clam vibe with its pastel tone. There are many paintings that depict the old days of Korea such as snacks from 80s and 90s. Around this village was located old Dongchon station. Because of that, the old railroad is re-created with paints.

3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 Tom and Jerry
2 Taekwon V (a famous cartoon character)
3 Red payphone

KimGwangSeok Street

─  Location: Kyung-dae hosp Station(line2)
─  Address: Dalgubeol-daero 450-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구광역시 중구 달구벌대로 450
It’s easy to miss KimGwanSeo St’s mural arts! This famous touristy spot has pop-art like mural art. Your eyes and ears will be please with this musical street!

3 Missions to Complete (Find the following!)
1 People in bird cages
2 A couple about to kiss

3 White flower tree

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