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4 Great Routes for Cycling in Korea: Bicycle Touring in Daegu

Bike Riding in Daegu
4 Cycling Routes to Tour Daegu

Ganjeongbo Area (ROUTE#2)

One aspect Korean people love about the country is it has extensive length of path specifically for walking and biking! Along the Shincheon River or Geumho River, you can ride right by the rivers along this designated path. Not only that, if you are up for more challenge, you can head off for road biking near Gachang Dam. We’ve rounded up 4 bike 4 Best Routes for Cycling that are widely loved by Koreans and expats living in Daegu and Gyeongbuk district. What these routes have in common is that great nature, view, food, coffee and people you will get to meet along the way! With this being said, let’s get started!

#1 Shincheon Area
Level ★☆☆☆
As you can see from the map above, Shincheon Stream crosses Daegu from North to South. Starting from Pa-dong, Suseong-gu, Shincheon flows until it meets Geumho river. Depending on your traveling plans, you can adjust this route and start at any point of the stream. Be aware that bike pathways to enter to the Shincheon Stream route are designated at Suseonggyo bridge, Daebonggyo bridge. However, if you don’t mind lifting up your bike and access to the streamside, basically anywhere would work for you! The entire route is approximately 17km long and you can enjoy riding even if you are wearing your jeans.


#2 Geumhogang River
Level ★★☆☆
Unlike Shincheon stream, this river extends from east to west in the northern Daegu. This 19km-long route boasts its beautiful scenic nature at any time of year. Along the way, I recommend you to make a stop at Hajungdo, which is a small island in the middle of this trail. Especially, at this time of the year you can enjoy astonishing view at the cosmos field. Another great stop to take a rest is Gajeongbo area.

#3 Suseongmot Lake – Gachang Dam
Level ★★☆☆
This trails starts at Gachang Dam, located in the outskirt of Daegu. One popular way to enjoy this popular route is to take a public transportation to get to the dam and begin your ride. You will never get starving on the trail while you have a lunch at Food Alley, Urok-ri, and coffee at Suseongmot Lake.

#4 Hertijae
Level ★★★☆

If you are considering Hertijae route, you’d better be prepared. This route includes uphill and a number of cycling enthusiasts challenge themselves to check this trail off their riding bucket list! A common starting point is Gachang dam. When people reach Hertijae, the peak point, they usually go either Paljoryeong or Namjijangsa. Don’t forget to try Gachang jjinbbang, steamed bread, on the way! 

Courtesy: Google Map
Courtesy: Google Map

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