Wednesday, August 9, 2017

[ICONIC LOCAL FOOD] Mouthwatering Handmade Croquette and Bite-sized Fried Chicken (Banwoldang)


No.1 Banwoldang Food
Mouthwatering Croquette and Fried Chicken Nugget

An essential part of successful trip is experiencing local foods! When you put your feet in Daegu, there are a handful of dishes you must try! Daegu is home to a number of nationally popular F&B brands including Seoga & Cook(Western style family restaurant), Tokkijung(Japanese fusion) and Kyochon chicken. 
Among all, our first recommendation is.......(drumroll) Banwoldang food! If you visit Daegu, one of the first places you get to hear is Banwoldang! Along with Jungangro(aka Dongsungro), Banwoldang encompasses Daeug’s downtown area. This busiest district is full of colorful energy created by its people and unique spots. While Dongsungro is packed with busy crowded streets with brand stores, restaurants, karaokes and such, streets on Banwoldang has more laid-back vibe with local cafés and restaurants, traditional medicine market(Yakryeongsi), and beautiful gothic style cathedral and church. Not to our surprise, many Daegu’s iconic brands have started in this heart of city! Get ready to pencil these down!

1. 100% Handmade Croquette “Banwoldang KORokke”
A worldly-loved French delicacy, Croquette has evolved into Banwoldang KORokke filled with 15 different stuffings! Ranging from potato cheese and crab&cream to curry and pizza, it offers a collection of creative variation of the dish. People love Banwoldang croquettes that are crunchy outside but extra soft inside! Banwoldang KORokke opened it first store in 2010 and expanded into 60 branches across the country and Vietnam over the years. Australia, Japan, China branches plan to open in the near future. When in Daegu, this is a must!

Menu in English, Japanese and Chinese

[Banwoldang KORokke-Banwolang]
Location: Banwoldang Station (Underground)
Menu: croquette, mini kimbab, coffee and drinks
Price: 2000 won, 2500 won for a croquette
Hours: 10:00 –20:00 everyday
*Above information may vary depending on a branch
Where else to find: Dongdaegu Station(train), Shinsegae department store, Beomeo, Gumi Station(train), and 31 other branches across Korea.

2 Bite-sized Crispy Chicken “Banwoldang Dakgangjeong”
Imagine munching on sweet crispy fried chicken… Dakgangjeong(bite-sized boneless fried chicken) is one of the most popular Korean snacks. It had been a huge food trend until a few years ago and is still a beloved dish. As you may recall from last month's Chicken and Beer Festival, Daegu is really keen on good chicken! 
Just like any other successful restaurants, Banwoldang Dakgangjeong has one menu only: its glazed fried chicken. It comes in different sizes as you can see from the pictures. Its tangy sauce is sweet and slightly spicy, FYI. If you need a quick bite to quench your hunger, this comes very convenient!

[Banwondang Dakgangjeong- Banwoldang]
Location: Banwoldang Station (Underground)
Menu: Dakgangjeong and rice cake
Price: starting from 2,000won
Hours: 10:00 – 17:30 everyday
*Above information may vary depending on a branch
Where else to find: Dongdaegu Station(train), Jungangro Station, Hyundai department store(B1), Nampodong(Busan)

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