Thursday, August 17, 2017

Checklist: 5 Things to do @2017 Gop Festival aka Anjirang Festival

Insider's Tips to Enjoy Anjirang Gop Festival 2017

The 5th Gop Festival(Gopchang Festival) is coming back soon! In the final weekend of August at Anjirang Gopchang Town will come locals and expats to enjoy the summer festivity with one of most beloved Korean dishes, Gopchang. Anjirang Gopchang usually refers to grilled seasoned pork intestines. Unlike how it looks in pictures, they are not spicy! For those of you who plan to check out, the following are 5 things on your checklist to get the best out of this festival!  

─Date: Aug 25 - 26
─Where : Anjirang Gobchang Street
─Address: Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
─KR Address: 대구광역시 남구 대명로 36길
─When : The end of September – beginning of October
─What to expect: Cook Makchang, Makchang Taste Road, Anjirang’s Voice of God, Anjirang Dance Contest, Beauty Fashion Show, Flea Market, etc.  
※  Program may change depending on circumstances.
─What’s around : Apsan Café Streets, Apsan Observatory, Duryu Park, E-world, 83 Tower
*Photo credits: Daegu Nam-gu Government Office

   #1 Eat at outside table   

People eating at outside tables is a scene that symbolizes Anjirang street. Oddly, many people feel that Gopchang tastes much better outside. Maybe it's because of the vibe? yes, that's partly true. Another truth is that outside table cooks Gobchang with a briquet that makes the food taste richer and better. On the other hand, at most restaurants inside tables has stove for cooking the meat. 

   #2 A piece of gopchang and a sip of drink   

As you already know, Koreans love drink alcohol with good food. Gopchang makes a very nice food to drink with soju, makgeoli or beer. The vibe of Anjirang and taste of gopchang is what people often want at Friday nights! 

   #3 Eat with steamed egg   

This surprising combo has gained popularity among younger generations. A spoon of soft puffy egg tastes amazing with juicy gopchang! 

   #4 K-pop concert   

We can't imagine a festival without music! K-pop musicians such as Koyote and  Girl Crush are coming to celebrate the festival with you all. For more elder crowd, Dongsik Kim, Yeongsima and Pumba are also performing as well! 

   #5 Keep rolling     

When your stomach is full, take a walk around Anjirang and discover fun things happening there!  

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