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2017 Korea's September Festival List Out! : Jazz Festival, Suseongmot Festival, Bojagi Festival and Cosmos Flower Party

Daegu International Jazz Festival 2017

What a perfect time to enjoy Jazz. Fall breeze is coming yet the weather is warm enough. It’s time to put out mind and body into rhythm of jazz. Starting in 2008, Daegu International Jazz Festival brings talents from around the world to Daegu, a city full of passion! If you find jazz a little difficult to enjoy, there will be another music for you to enjoy such as rock, folk, and pop. 

─ Hour: Sep 11 – Sep 16
─Location: Suseongmot, 2.28 Park, Kimgwangseok Street Concert Hall, Dongseongro Outdoor Stage.
─ Address: Suseongmot, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
─ KR Address: 대구 수성구 두산동 수성못
─ Website:

  Anticipated Line-up  
Cuba Sintesis Jazz Group, Apple Jazz Orchestra, Wankyu Park , Spyro Gyra,
Tuck and Patti, Now VS Now, Ali, Seung-Yeon Song, Antonio M. Hart Quartet, Naivd, DAU, Hong Jeong-Soo Project Band, Korean Jazz 1st Generation Band, T.Bones, Erucalcra&Cman, Hello Jazz, Pill Yoon Group, Na Kyeong-Yoon Jazz Trio, Lee Gi-Wook Electric Band, EMJQ, Eunmi Kim Quartet, Home,z, Mainstream, Mobydic, Yaenoeul Jazzsingers, Nam-Hoon Kim Latin Band, OLD&NEW with Chaka, Swan Kim Trio, Jerry Seeco Quintet, Another Season, Band Byeong-jo Jazz Band, Yongwon Ch Quintet, MainStreet, Joochan Lim Quintet, JHG, YongSeok Lee Quartet with Joo-Mee Lee, CALMERA(JAPAN, Band), Jae Geun Jeon Quinte with Mingkyung Jeong, BISF Quartet

Courtesy: Daegu International Jazz Festival


Apple Jazz Orchestra with Yangp, Hyo-Jeong Kim
Philadelphia Jazz All Star
kaori kobayashi Quintet
Victor Prieto Quartet
Diane Schuur
Jin-Yeong Hyun X Jang-Eun Bae Superband
KimGwangSeok St.
Charlie Hwang Latin Project Band
Jong-Rak Kim Blues Band
Joo-Chan Lim Quartet with Hey-Mi Kim
Joon-Byum Kim Quartet
Kyung-Jin Gwak Quartet
Chaka Band
Jamba OJ Band
Yangbro Soul Factory
David Kim Quartet
Old & New
HG Funk Tronic(HGFT)
Chris Jazz Cafe
So-Hui Bae Quartet
Sung-Gu Lee Trio with Ju-Mi Lee
Suseong Artpia
Philadelphia Jazz All Star
Jeong-Hyung An & Super Project

Daegu Bojagi Festival

To promote and preserve culture surrounding bojagi in Korea, China and Japan, Daegu is holding the first bojagi festival at Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus! Bojagi reflects embracing and diverse mindset of culture.

─ Date: 15:00 – 21:00, Sep 2 – 6
─ Location: Daegu SAMSUNG Creative Campus
─ Address: 51, Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
─ KR Address: 대구광역시 북구 호암로 51

  What is “bojagi”  
Bojagi is Korean traditional wrapping paper, usually made from silk and ramie. In the past when there was no bag or purse available, Korean people used bojagi to carry things as well as to wrap presents. Today, people use it to wrap a present for important occasions like exchanging gifts between soon-to-be family-in-law. This is a common culture among other East Asisan countries such as Japan and China. What each country calls wrapping cloth is different and aesthetics may vary.

  What to expect:  
 Exhibitions: bojagi and tranditional costume display including Chinese Royal Clothes and samurai armo, bojagi photography and high-tech fabric booth.
 Interactive/in-hand experience programs: DIY fabric, trying on traditional costumes from 3 countries on tourist settings, jian zhi(paper cutting), performance including statue mime and lion dance, rock-scissors-paper contest and traditional games.
 Food: Daegu Bojagi Festival re-creates East Asia’s street market where you can eat delicious treats and 3 countries’ souvenirs

Suseongmot Festival

One of the most popular food festivals in Daegu, Suseongmot Festival! Suseongmot Lake area is a popular spot all year round especially in September. Here are some highlights you might want to know happening at 2017 Suseongmot Festival.

─ Date: Sep 22 - 24
─ Location: Suseongmot Lake, Suseong Artpia, Deulangil Food Town
─ Address: Suseongmot, Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
─ KR Address: 대구 수성구 두산동 수성못
─ Contact: 053-668-1540
─ Website:

  What to Watch  
Opening celebration concert: Water Opera Gala Concert @Main Stage
Fire show: non-verbal show taking Suseongmot Lake as stage.
Closing celebration: “Rainbow Suseong”, a flash-mob with visitors @Main Stag
Firework after main stage performance each day.
Street art performances @ Sanghwa Dongsan and other 3 stages

  Where to Play  
Playground and art time for kids @Sanghwa Dongsan

  What to Eat  

[Food Truck Festival]
Fusion food @Suseong Land(free entry)
Art market
Flea market: 14:00~17:00, Sep23 – 24

[Deulangil Food Town Festival]
Sep 23

  What to Win  
- “Get Gold Spoon”
- Singing Contest and Cooking Contest

Cosmos Flower Party

Before aumtum leaves takes our breathe away, Hajungdo invites you to its cosmos flower party! In an area which is 14 times bigger than a soccer field, different colors of cosmos is getting ready to bloom! The peak blossom will be around the early September. Mark your calendar and see you all there! 

─ Hour:  Aug 26 - Sep 24
─ Location: Hajungdo
─ Address:  Nogokdong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
─ KR Address: 대구광역시 북구 노곡동
─ Peak blossoms: early Sep

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