Thursday, July 20, 2017

The First Day at Chimac Festival 2017 (Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival) - A Day Edition

The First Day at Chimac Festival
-  A Day Edition 

The Festival is about to begin

We've waited for this time of the year! We hurried ourselves to #Duryu_Park to get the first glimpse. There are a number of staffs that help you find locations and what to enjoy at the festival. Find a person in a orange top when you need help! 

The sprays of water cool down the streets. A huge amount of crowd visits Chimac festival each year and fills the entire park. There were 1 million visitors last year and among them were 70,000 foreigners. 

Yes! Chimac is what we all love

The core of the festival! Chimac! You can buy chickens and beers at the Premier Zone, Star Road, etc. There are more than 70 different brands of chickens. We've tried a couple of them and I loved tasting unique flavors of each chickens along with my fresh beer!   

Hand-creafted beers, sodas, and more! 

If you are looking to try different types of beers, you've found the right place! You will get to see hand-crafted beer as well as popular brand ones. If you are with your kids or friends who don't drink, there are other drink options, too! 

The festivity is literally everywhere. 

Anywhere you go, you will be entertained with different views. You can also participate in a game, contest and perhaps an interview with Daegu City facebook Live! 

You might get to even see celebrities. I followed a crowd and some occasional screams and found Jung Joon-Yeong, a Mamamoo member, and Jo Se-Ho. 

Sparkling beers, smoked chickens, ghosts, balloon dolls. You will find yourself amused all day long! :)

"Chimac Festival @18:30"

Here is a special video for you! Get a feel of the vibe of a day at Chimac Festival 2017! 

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