Thursday, July 20, 2017

The First Day at Chimac Festival 2017 (Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival) - A Night Edition

The First Day at Chimac Festival

-  A Night Edition 

A perfect place to chill with your friends

As the evening approached, more people were coming in! We met Rachel and Khoo Shufeng from Singapore who were visiting Korea for Chimac Festival! Definiely, Chimac Festival is the it-festival to check out! They told us they were very pumped for the festival! 

We also bumped into a group of people from England and America who came back for Chimac Festival for the second time!

A nice view and chimac. What else do we need?

Just like previous ones, Chimac Festival 2017 were filled with people from all age groups. They were all chilling out and celebrating summer together. 

Fun events continues throughout night 

At the Live Pub, events happened all day long. One of the popular ones was "Who eats chicken the fastest" You would have been impressed how fast they could get meat out of the bones!  

Spectacular fireworks and the opening ceremony

It's the time that most of people were waiting! The opening ceremony officially announced the beginning of the festival! The next 5 days will mark the peak of festivity in Korea! 

 andk-pop cncer
rtLive concert, k-pop frenzy!

We can't say it's a festival without the beats, raps, and energy! Microdot definitely overwhelmed the stage! 

Last but absolutely not least is Mamamoo! Duryu Park was never been louder!
Chimac Festival 2017 continues until July 23. You should definitely come out today!

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