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One Day Trip in Korea: A Relaxing Weekend Trip to Daegu: “The Arc” and “Gangjeongbo” Area

One Day Trip in Korea

A Relaxing Weekend Trip to Daegu

The Arc” and “Gangjeongbo” Area

If you are looking for convenient yet relaxing trip in Korea, broaden your horizon beyond Seoul and take a look at other cities. 90min away from Seoul, Daegu offers a variety of nice short trip options. Daegu is a beautiful green city surrounded by mountains with population of 2.5m. Daegu is big enough to have conveniences that a city can offer and small enough to avoid heavy crowd and traffics. If you are leaning toward to a more laid-back weekend getaway, come out to The Arc, Ganjeongbo and make sure you check out the following list!

1. 5 Things to do in Gangjeong-bo
2. How to get to Gangjeong-bo
3. What to eat at Gangjeong-bo

1. 5 Things to do in Gangjeong-bo

#1  Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival
Gangjeong Daegu Contemporary Art Festival is an annual contemporary art festival. Each year it brings a unique collection of artworks by international artists. What is special about this art festival is that it incorporates art and nature on intention or/and out of accident. Art pieces by 24 artists are scattered out around the Arc Square. “A Statement of Continuous Journey” is a theme for this year.
- Date: July 15 – August 31, 2017
- Location: The Arc Square at Gangjeong-bo

#2 The Arc (River Cultural Center)
When you pass by Gangjeong-bo area, you can’t help but notice this iconic architecture, the Arc. This building itself brings a lot of different interpretation of what it looks like. As you can imagine from its meaning(Architecture of River Culture and Artistry of River Culture), the Arc and landscape around it is designed to harmonize with nature.
 Inside the Arc are an exhibition hall, observatory and café.
-Exhibition Hall: 10:00-18:00
-Observatory and cafe: 10:00-22:00 (closes at 23:00 during summer)
-Closed on New Year's Day and Mondays * Observatory and cafe are open
Admission and parking: Free

#3 Take a Ride
When we are out in nature, we need some actions! From a regular bike, Nine Bot, Electric Scooter, to leisure kart, you can rent one and enjoy some speed along the river.

#4 Have a Picnic: take a walk, spead a mat and order a delivery food. 
If you really want to have a low-key weekend, simply take a walk while chatting with your friend. You can even spread out a mat on a lawn and enjoy the relaxing vibe of riverside. When you get hungry, order a delivery food.

#5 Beautiful Night Scene
The Arc area presents one of the most beautiful night scenes in Daegu.

2. How to get to Gangjeong-bo
  Location: Near Daesil or Gangchang Station(Line2)
 Address: 806, Jukgok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
─  KR address: 대구시 달성군 다사읍 죽곡리 805

Daesil Station Exit 2  At the intersection, walk straight to find a bus stop (*intersection is 10 meter away from Exit 2) Take Sungseo 2 → Get off @ Gangjeongbo

3. What to eat at Gangjeong-bo

Like many other areas in Korea, Gangjeong-bo area has many restaurants and cafés you can choose from. You can easily find a local and franchise ones.    

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