Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Essential Info for 2017 DAEGU CHIMAC FESTIVAL


As the festival starts soon, more information is coming out each day. Today, we give you some essential info to help you have a successful experience at Chimac Festival! If you haven’t subscribed to our blog, please do. We update posts on Chimac and other exciting festivals and events happening in Daegu. Let’s get started.

One reason people love about Chimac Festivals is concerts. Especially, people love to let off some steam as listening to their favorite k-pop singers live. Get pumped for this year’s line-up including MAMAMOO, Ulala Session and Skull & Haha!  

Here is the essential part of your successful chimac festival experience. Save the image on your smartphone.


Chimac Premium Lounge
@Duryu Baseball Stadium
What you will see: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Chimac 99 Time, Chimac Tower, Chimac Landmark Stage, Super Star Concert, EDM Party and Augmented Reality Photo Zone

Chimac Lounge Club
2.28 Parking Lot
What you will see: Handmade Beer Contest and Chimac Live Performance

Foreigner Lounge
@Tourist Information Center Parking Lot
What you will see: Operation of Foreigner Comprehensive Service Center, Operation of Costume Booth and Horror Parade

Chimac Family Park
@Kolon Outdoor Music Hall
What you will see: Chimac OST Park Concert and Citizen Participation Performance

Chimac Star Road EVENT
@Duryu Park Road
What you will see: Street Performances (Djing Car, Magic Show, Busking, etc.), Air Bounce Water Slide and Mobile Cooling Car

I hope you have the best out of Chimac Festival 2017 and if you want to know more about Chimac Festival, stay with us! 

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