Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BORYEONG MUD FESTIVAL 2017 : Address, Price, Programs, Pictures, and more


Yes, it’s summer and it’s finally mud festival time! A number of locals and expats alike have been looking forward to this festival all year long. Giant mud slides and pools are waiting for you. There are also a lot of mud-themed and mud-related contests that you can enjoy. Before you head to Daecheon, let’s check the essentials!

  Date: Now – July 30
  Location: Mud Square @Daecheon Beach
  Address: 123, Meodeu-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
  KR Address: 충청남도 보령시 머드로 123
  Help on spot: English 010-5438-4865, Chinese 010-2031-2270, Japanese 010-2888-3471
  Price: Free except for some attractions.
  All-day pass for charged attractions: adult 10,000won Teenagers 8,000won

Featured Programs
Color Mud
It is the most popular program. You can play with colored mud. Taking pictures here is very instagram-worthy

Mud Rock Festival
  Features: I.U & CRYING NUT
  Date: 20:00, July 28
  Location: Mud Square Special Stage

K-POP Super Concert – Hiphop Rave Party
  Features: San E, Mighty Mouse, Verbal Jint, Sanchez, MC Gree
  Date: 20:00, July 29
  Location: Mud Square Special Stage

Take a ride at a yacht and watch a yacht parade!
Black Eagle’s Air Show by Air Force
  Date:  16:00 on July 29 & 11:00 on July 30

Free Giveaways
  Location: Daegu Tour Booth
It’s time to make some use of your skill at a claw crane located at this booth and pick a gift that you want! There are also a photo booth here where you can take a Polaroid with your friends! If you want to earn some tips to travel to Daegu, people there will kindly assist you as well :)
If you have trouble finding the booth, look for a section where all city tour booths are located!

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