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3 Perfect Date Spots in Daegu, Korea: the ARC, Suseong Lake, Kim Gwang Seok Street

3 Perfect Date Spots in Daegu
(Skip the traditional dinner and a movie for something more original and romantic)

If you are looking to skip the traditional candle light dinner or a movie night and opting for something more romantic for your first date, Daegu has it all – a city that has variety of charisma to offer for lovers. Daegu, Korea’s 4th biggest and fastest growing city, is a place where both modern architecture and natural beauty meets. Above all, it is a perfect destination for lovers and offers everything you need to go on the perfect date from scenic parks and delicious restaurants to skyscrapers and mountain tops.
Whether you are just “getting to know each other” or already celebrating your anniversaries, these 3 perfect date spots in Daegu will guarantee a perfect date.

1)  The ARC

No matter which season of the year you visit The ARC, it has always something unique to offer. The ARC stands for Architecture of River Culture and Artistry of River Culture. This new landmark of Daegu opened in September 2012 and since then has been attracting lots of tourists and local people. The elegant structure gives an impression that a fish is breaching the surface of a lake or stream.
The ARC is a 3 story building consisting of exhibition rooms, conference rooms, cafes, observatory deck and a park. The fun begins at evening as lots of families and couples head towards The ARC. People enjoy biking along the river side and enjoy cool breeze. You can even rent bicycles, electric scooters or segways. At evening, the changing colors of the building adds beauty to its glamor.
This weekend, how about a moto bike ride at The ARC with your loved ones? Don’t forget to share your pics with us on our Facebook Page.

How to go: Take the bus 'Seongseo2’ or 성서2 and drop off at Gangjeong Goryeongbo (The ARC entrance)

2) Suseong Lake

You might have heard the phrase “A day at lake restores the soul”. Suseong Lake is currently refurbished and since then it has been one of the most visited spots in Daegu for couples. Suseong Lake offers different fun activities all around the year. In Summer, cool wind in the evening and dancing water fountains makes it a romantic dating spot for couples.
You can enjoy paddle boats for a very reasonable 10,000 won. You can rent two seaters and also four seaters for a bigger party. At evening, you can also see geese hitting the lake.
How to go: Take Bus 403, 410, 449, 564 and drop off at Suseong Lake Station (Suseongmot).

3) Kim Gwang Seok Street

Kim Gwang Seok Street is one of the things that Daegu will always be proud of. Named after the famous singer and song writer, this street is the most beautiful mural alley in the city. Walking along the street, you can hear Kim Gwang Seok’s music playing and also some local artists showcasing their guitar skills playing Mr. Kim’s songs.
At the entrance of the street, you can find Kim Gwang Seok’s statue showing him playing a guitar. Along the street, you can also find people selling boutiques and beautiful handmade goods.
The reason I’d include this street as one of the must dating spot in Daegu is because of its atmosphere. From busy hectic city life, this street is a breath of fresh air offering an escape from worries. You can also find cafes, restaurants and a bar so that you can invite your loved ones for a  romantic dinner and make some unforgettable memories.

How to go: Take Green Line i.e Line #2 and drop off at Kyungpook Nat’l University Hospital Station. The street is 5 mins walk out of Exit 3.

Let us know where would you take your date to? Motobiking at The ARC or paddle boating at Suseong Lake or a romantic walk at Kim Gwang Seok Street?

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on our Facebook Page as we are looking forward to see your pictures.

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