Friday, June 30, 2017

Daegu Mukbang Time - ASMR (Makchang Gui · Dakddongjib · Yaki Udon)

Mukbang Time - ASMR 
Makchang Gui · Dakddongjib · Yaki Udon

If you don't know what to treat yourself for the weekend, this will give you an idea. 

We presents a mukbang ASMR that includes Makchang Gui, Dakddongjib and Yaki Udon. 

Makchang Gui is a pupular food that originated in Daegu and now it's widely enjoyed nationwide. Still, many of the best makchang restaurants with the best prices are found in Daegu. 

Daegu people also love to eat chicken gizzards, Dakddongjib. It's usually fried and seasoned with various type of sauces. If you like beer, you might want to have dakddongjib along with it! 

If you can dare to try some spice, try some Yaki Udon. You are probably familiar with the name because of a Japanese dish that's called exactly same. However, this yaki udon is a Korean version of that stirred fried noodles but this time it is spiced with pepper sauce. If you are lover of spicy and sweet foods, this is the food for you! 

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