Thursday, June 1, 2017

Enjoying Music Performances in Daegu City Center

Enjoying Music Performances
in Daegu City Center

In Daegu city center, you can be with music at different places.

Regular busking performances revitalizes citizens and tourists in Daegu.

Music performances at the city center, enjoyed with the eyes and ears!
Shall we take a look at the performances?

1. Midday Music Vitamin

This performance starts at noon so a lot of office workers nearby go to see it.
Performances of friendly classics with commentary give healing to a tiring day!

Schedule: April ~ November, every Wednesday noon
Venue: February 28th Central Memorial Park

2. Splashy Concert

Professional musicians and amateur club members play semi-classic, pop, ballad, etc.
This is a performance that stops people’s feet in Dongsung-ro, a place with a lot of floating population.

Schedule: April ~ November, 5pm every Friday
Venue: Jungang-ro District for public transportation 2 places
(Banwoldang Station Metro Center / In front of Glass Baba Optical Shop)

3. Youth Concert

Youth Concert held at Kyungpook National University, Daegu’s representative university!
Street performances are more on popular music that relates to the youth of the university street.

Schedule: May ~ November, 6pm every other Friday (Excluding vacation time)
Venue: Kyungpook National University – North Gate University Street

4. Dongsung-ro Regular Night Performances

Night performances held at the center of Dongsung-ro!
Unusual and various performances like ballet, traditional percussion quartet, jazz bands, etc. are held.

Schedule: May 25th ~ September 7th, 7:30 pm every Thursday 
Venue: Donsung-ro outdoor stage

Take a trip to Daegu, be healed with music~

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