Friday, June 9, 2017

Daegu Food Tour! Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition & Daegu Food Tour Expo

From to the 11th of June, the 16th Daegu Food Tour Expo and the 17th Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition will be held under the theme ‘Colorful Daegu Food.”

15 various food exhibitions and nationwide cooking contests, free taste experience, food shows and other events will take place at the Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition including the Food Tour Gallery. 

In the main theme gallery, ‘3 line. Traditional Market Food Tour Gallery’, one can enjoy Daegu’s classical restaurants by riding the Daegu Metro 3 line sky rail!

The Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition(K-Food Expo) is divided into 4 categories: Processed and Functional Foods, Coffee and Dessert Zone, Food Processing Machine and Device Zone, Local governments’ specialties(Local Food Exhibition). 

Foreigners who don’t usually encounter Daegu food can enjoy various food in one place through this exhibition.

Experience Daegu’s flavor in this bigger and more expansive expo than last year’s. 

- Period: 2017.6.8(Thurs) ~ 6.11(Sunday)/ 4 days 
- Place: Daegu Exco First Floor 

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