Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bangcheon Alley Opera Festival: the World’s New Cultural Experience

Enjoy opera at the famous and bustling market, KimGwangSuk Street. Breaking the stereotypical idea that opera is performed at a grand stage, Bangcheon Alley Opera Festival happens around the market. Actually the whole valley itself will turn out to be a giant stage for opera as the “merchants” will be there in opera costumes and these ordinary people will perform on stage temporarily built at a parking lot! 

The world’s first alley opera

The idea of opera on stree sounds quite strange but cool. If you are looking for something new, this festival will bring you an unique cultural experience. Never been heard or seen, this street opera festival will mark a milestone in the history of opera and performance.
If you are interested in opera or simply love trying new thing, Bangcheon is the place you must visit this weekend! Bangcheon Alley Opera Festival happens from June 15 thru June 18 @ 8gil Dongdukro Jungu( or simply around KimGwangSuk Street)

Main Performances

01. A Lecture and Gala concert
-Date: Thur, June 15  
-Location: Sundanceparm field
-Price: VIP invitation or Free
-Lecture by DGIST professor Hong-Gil Nam
-Performance by various artists and Bangcheon residents


02. La Traviata
-Date: Fri, June 16  
-Location: Art Factory Cheongchoon
-Price: 20,000 won
-Directed by Hyun Lee
-Performers: Yukiho Sakurai, Jieun Ryu, Dongnyuk Kim, Sangchul Jae, Hoyoung Lee
-Special Guest: Bangcheon Opera Choir

03. Carmen
-Date: Sat, June 17  
-Location: Theh street @ Sundance Parm Intersection
-Price: Free
-Directed by Hosuk Son
-Performers: Yunhak Baek, Yukiho Sakurai, Juyeon Han, Sooeong Kwon, Shinhae Park, Jieun Ryu, Bongsuk Im, Hoyoung Lee, Younggeun Cho, Soyeong Kim, Jiwon Yoo, Hyunjeong Park

-Special Guest: Bangcheon Opera Choir
Who are Bangcheon Opera Choir?
It consists of Bangcheon residents. BAOF is all about cultural concoction. If you’d like a unique opera experience, check out “La Traviata” and “Carmen”  

Other things to check!

- Opera Costume Display @[b]Space

- Poster Exhibition @[b]Space

- Cinematic Opera @Art Factory Cheongchoon (only at14:00 on June 18, Sun)

Learn more about the festival at


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