Friday, May 26, 2017

The best three places to heal in Daegu

This is the representative recreation area in Daegu.

Here we will introduce three recreation areas in Daegu where you can be healed by walking along a lake.
If you think there are only big and wide lakes, we say 'NO'.

There are not great restaurants or coffee shops, but there are rides and outdoor stages around the lakes.
What would a day and night spent at these recreation areas look like?
We can show you now!

1. Suseongmot Lake - This is the representative recreation area in Daegu.

Suseongmot is one of the '12 Best Spots in Daegu' and is also a representative recreation area in Daegu.

The lake is surrounded by a great willow tree path and is around 2 km. No matter if it is day or night, it is nice to take a walk along this path.

People of all ages love this place because there are swan boats on the lake, fancy restaurants around the lake, and even unique cafes.

Moreover, it is a perfect place to have family time because of Suseong Land, which is an amusement park near Suseongmot Lake.

Here's another one to remember!

They have a musical lazer fountain show at Suseongmot Lake four times a day.
If you see this show at nigt time, it is fantastic!

Isn't it a good idea to take a walk with the recent cool breeze at night?

2. Dongchon Recreation Area - A healing place in Donggu, Daegu.

This place is developed with cafes, restaurants, and an amusement park along a big river.
You can find not only swan boats here like Suseongmot Lake, but you can also enjoy kayaking.

There is a beautiful path where you can take a walk along the river.
You should go feel the cool breeze from the river and relax by walking on the path.

As you walk down the path at night, you may stop in your tracks because of the colorful lighting from ‘Ayang Railroad Track’, which is newly renovated.

Enjoy a fantastic night view of Daegu by walking on Ayang Railroad Track.

3. Hwawon Recreation Area by Nakdong River 

Hwawon Natural Recreation Forest by Nakdong River has Hwawon Park.
Here you can enjoy and relax by green forests all year around.

The hot summer is almost here! However, a cool waterfall and a fountain are waiting for you to cool down.

If you go to the top of Hwawon Hill, the view of Daegu at the observatory will refresh you.

Samunjin Ferry, where the first piano came to Korea, is close to Hwawon Recreation Area.

There is a Korean traditional tavern called ‘Samunjin Jumakchon’.

After you take a walk at Hwawon Recreation Area, you will probably be hungry.
‘Samunjin Jumakchon’ will help your hunger.

This is where you can find a cool river, a great lake, and a green forest in Daegu!
Which among these three do you prefer?

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