Monday, May 29, 2017

The 8th Flower Exhibition filled with flower scents

Everyone, do you like flowers?
Men and women of all ages who like flowers,
Starting this Thursday until Sunday, Daegu will be colored with flowers for 4 days!

The 8th Daegu Flower Exhibition will be held with the theme of ‘Orchestra.’

In the exhibition, you can find Theme Zone, Cheongra sang, Hahwe exhibition zone (wild flowers, water plants, flower designs, succulents, etc.) and others!

Tickets are available both in online pre-registration and on-site, so if you are interested in flowers, visit this flower exhibition!

- Duration: 2017. 6. 1 (Thurs) – 6. 4 (Sun)
- Venue: Exhibition hall 1st floor of Daegu EXCO, outdoor exhibition hall

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