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Recommended Course for Solo Travelers while visiting Daegu

Recommended Course for
Solo Travelers while visiting Daegu

The Dalai Lama once said, “Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before” and I truly believe it. Going to new places gives you unique experiences and you can make lifetime memories. 

Daegu is Korea’s fourth biggest city, which is attracting tourists from all over the world in huge numbers. It is home of one of Korea’s biggest lantern festivals, one of the most famous adventure parks (E-World), and Korea’s biggest herbal medicine festival.

So, if you haven’t been to Daegu yet, NOW is the right time. No matter what time of year you visit Daegu, it will always have some unique things to offer you.

If you are a solo traveler, here is our recommended course for a one-day tour of Daegu.

▲ Kim Kwang-Seok Walking Street

Apart from Psy, there is one singer I can name for sure all Koreans know, and that is the late Kim Kwangseok. He was the most famous folk rock singer during his time and although he isn’t among us any more, Koreans still love his songs. Kim Kwangseok Kil (Street) is a mural street where this famous singer used to live. The street has a 350m long wall showing statues and murals that depict his songs, life, and music.

This place was selected as one of the 100 MUST SEE Places in Korea by Korea Tourism.

(photo credit: tour.daegu.go.kr)

 How to Get There:- By Subway : Take Subway line 2. It’s almost 12 min walk from Kyungbuk National University Station.- By Taxi : If you arrive at Dongdaegu station, it’s a 10 min ride and will cost you around 5,000Won

▲ Walk along Daegu’s Modern Cultural Alley

Albert Einstein presented the Time Travel theory back in the 1900s, and scientists are still working to prove it, but you know what- if you are in Daegu ‘TIME TRAVEL’ is possible and you can be a time traveler :) 

Daegu is a modern city of Korea, yet you can experience its 100-year-old history by having a tour around the Modern Cultural Alley. There are so many historic attractions and you can get detailed information about them by getting a broacher from tourist center located there.

Starting your walking tour from Dongsan Missionary houses, here are all the buildings you will come across.

Dongsan Missionary houses ⇒ Gyesan Catholic Church  ⇒ March 1st Manse Movement Road ⇒ Jeil Church ⇒ Yeommae Market ⇒ Jongno ⇒ Jin Alley 

(photocredit: everydaykorea.com)

How to Get There:
- By Subway: Take Subway Line 1 or 2. Exit 14 of Banweoldang Station, In front of Donga Shopping and walk for 500 meters

▲  Shopping at Daegu Seomun Market 

Just few minutes’ walk is our next best recommendation - Seoumun Market. If you have been to and love Dongdaemun Market, trust me you can’t skip Daegu’s Seomun Market. If you can speak a bit of Korean – lucky you! You are going to get a lot of love and discounts from the Ajjumas there. 

Daegu’s Seomun Market is one of Korea’s famous traditional markets and recently emerged as Korea’s BIGGEST night market since it is open 24 hours a day. If you think about anything, and believe me you can find it there for the cheapest price and greatest quality. That’s why I always refer this market to my foreigner friends who want to take souvenirs back to their countries. 

How to Get There:
- By Subway : Take Subway Line 3 (monorail) and get off at Seomun Market Station.
You can enjoy Korean Street food at Seomun Market, but how about eating Indian/Pakistani food in Daegu?

▲ Lunch at a famous Indian/Pakistani Restaurant

We know after roaming around in Seoumun Market you might be feeling hungry, so we recommend have delish lunch Daera. 
One of the cool things about Daegu is that you can enjoy food from around the world, be it Thai, Russian, Mexican, Turkish or Indian. Today, we would recommend that you to go to an Indian Restaurant and have some mouthwatering food.

You can ask for help in both Korean and English, and can get both veg and non-veg Halal delishes, too. Choose from the menu of more than 20 dishes and don’t forget to try delicious Samosa.

How to Get There:
- By Subway: Take Line # 2 (Green Line). Get off at Keimyung Station and the restaurant is located opposite of Keimyung University’s East Gate.

▲  Daegu Tower (aka 83 Tower)

Our next stop would be Daegu’s iconic Tower (also called 83 Tower) and Duryu Park. 

83 Tower is an iconic symbol of Daegu, and from its observatory deck it offers an incredible view of the entire city. There is also a revolving restaurant, an ice skating rink and a sky lounge.

To have the best view of the entire city, we recommend going to E-World (Daegu’s biggest amusement park) during the day and go to Daegu Tower during sunset. 

How to Get There:
- By Subway: Take Line # 2 (Green Line), get off at Duryu Station. Walk for 5 minutes towards Eworld

These are our top 5 must visit places in Daegu, if you are a solo traveler and are coming to Daegu for one day. Let us know which one is your favorite place!

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