Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Relaxing at Suseong Lake

Not feeling like travel far into the country side to experience nature? Well then Suseong Lake (Suseongmot) is the best option for you. A big lake surrounded by green and mountains in the city center. Suitable for all ages and during any time of the year. 

This lake or I like to call it a Majestic Pond, is the best option of finding nature in a big concrete city. You can reach the lake by taking the over ground. Which I think is a beautiful ride in itself. As the over ground is slightly higher than the buildings, you can have a good overview of Daegu.

The over ground station is just next to a small river, which I personally think has a great sunset. 

The lake has recently been refurbished. This 6.5 trillion won project expanded the walking area and provided wooden walking platforms. The trail goes all around the lake and should take around 40 minutes to do the whole tour. 

Apart from nature and walking the lake has other things to offer. The duck boats are a nice experience for only 15 000 won per 30 minutes. A single boat can host around 4 people. 

There are many coffee shops and restaurants around the lake. You can find the international brand Starbucks or the local Daegu brand DaVinci’s Coffee. Perfect for a winter day or when you need to study. 

Looking for something to do with kids? At the end of the lake you can find a small amusement park, petting zoo, ice rink and bumper cars.

Another great thing about Suseong Lake is the water and light show during summertime. The light show goes 2 times a day from May to October. 

Here is how to get to the lake:
Public transport;
Take Green Line and get off at Beomeo station. Take exit 3 and bus 814 or Suseong 1-1
Bus 403, 410, 449, 564 stop at Suseong Lake (Suseongmot).

* The time of the musical fountain show:
- May, August, September, October(by 15th)
[Day] 13:00, 16:00 (40min, only fountain)
[Night] 20:00, 21:00 (30min) 
- Jun, July
[Day] 13:00, 16:00 (40min, only fountain)
[Night] 20:30, 21:30 (30min)

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