Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter View of Daegu: Palgongsan Cable Car

Winter View of Daegu, 
'Palgongsan Cable Car'

Are you looking for Daegu’s winter viewAre you looking for some place to think about your new year’s plan in a quiet place? 
There is a perfect way to see the view in a warm place. 
It is Palgongsan cable car

This is the ticket office and souvenir shop. 

Let’s move to the spot to get on. You need to use the stairs to get to the platform.

These are the cable cars. 
Please get on the cable car following the direction. 
Each car allows a maximum of 6 people
If you want quiet and comfortable, you are advised to take a ride it in the morning

As you go up, you could see the beautiful winter view in Daegu.

The peak of cable car is located in Shinrimbong(신림봉), mountain’s top(820m).

There is also a nature trail. It might be slippery for the snow. 
Watch out not to slip!
Also, there is a stone to notice that it is Shinrimbong

This is the Palgongsan’s view: 
Left side is West-Bong, middle is Birobong, and right side is East- Bong
Not only you can enjoy the view, but also you can enjoy food. 
Try some hot snacks in the middle of the mountain with the view. 

Going down is thriller than going up, isn’t it?
Palgong cable car is might be a good place to enjoy winter mountain view, and think about your new year’s plan.

Visit Palgongsan Cable car and get Bokjori(복조리, Korean traditional lucky bag) for your happy Korean lunar new year’s day
Only 500 people are able to take it from January 27 to January 30

   -1330hot line: +82-2-1330(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
   -Palgongsan cable car: +82-53-982-8803
■Operation time
   -January~February 09:30am~05:00pm
   -January (Weekends) 09:30am~05:10pm 
   -February(Weekends) 09:30am~05:30pm
※On Seollal's Holidays(설날, Korean Lunar New Year)
   -January 27 09:30am~05:10pm
   -January 28 12:30pm~05:10pm
   -January 29 09:30am~05:10pm
The operation is subjected to stop due to strong wind, sudden rain and cable car’s malfunction or check-up
   -Adult(Round trip): 9,000KRW / (One-way): 5,500 KRW
   -Children(Round trip): 5,000KRW / (One-way) 3,000 KRW
   -Group Discount: 1,000KRW for a group of 25. 
■Address: 72, Palgongsan-ro 185-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu

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