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Winter Escape To Korean Hot Springs & Spas #2 :: 'Palgongsan Sap' Enjoying Your Cold Day In Warm Open Air- Bath

Winter Escape To Korean Hot Springs & Spas #2 
'Palgongsan Spa' 

Written by Travel Writer
Eun Young Yoo

Do you want to relax in warm spa and see the whole Daegu? 
Then Palgongsan spa is the best palce. 
Palgongsan is the heart of Daegu. It is attractive for a huge open-air bath with cold waterfall and warm hot spring. Also it is good for elder people who have ache on back, shoulder and knee going to sulfur spa. 

Palgongsan spa is well known for using natural mineral water. Its natural mineral water consists of alkalinity carbonated water. As you know this water is helpful for the circulation of the blood, many rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pain. Not to mention, it is popular to women for better skin. The spa is decorated with granite stone and sapphire. 

In addition, Jimjilbang(Korea dry sauna) is must place to visit in Korea. The specialty of Palgongsan spa's Jimjilbang is, that there are Oxygen room, which is just like fresh Palgongsan's air, and infrared light cave room that makes body temperature be up.

Palgongsan spa is the best location in Daegu. It is popular for not only spring but also accommodation. I believe visitors for this spa will feel freshness after using spa and sleeing in the comfortable hotel. Good things about this room that each room has spring water.
If you want to enjoy 100% Palgongsan, do not miss Palgong cable car and Donghwasa(Temple).

   1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330(Korean, English, Japanses, Chinese)
   Palgongsan Spa: +82-53-985-8080
   Spa 7,000KRW
   Jimjilbang 9, 000KRW
      11, Palgongsan-ro 185-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea
    How to get there:
      *Bus : Get off at the Palgongsan Donghwa Facilities Complex

    Palgong1(팔공1), Palgong3(팔공3)(on Weekends), Rapid 1(급행1)

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