Monday, January 9, 2017

Do you want to spend your winter Daegu in a warm place? Please visit 'Daegu Art Museum'.

Enjoy Winter Daegu with Various Art Works 
'Daegu Art Museum '

It is cold winter in Daegu but fine dust is everywhere. Many people want to stay in their house but I think that it’s boring, isn’t it?

The best place for the day is Daegu Art MuseumIn Daegu Art Museum, there are so many beautiful pieces must be seen.

Right in front of the museum, there are cute big pink rabbits called [Hommage à Dürer] by Ottmar Hörl. A lot of people enjoy taking pictures with them.

The ticket office is inside the museum.
About the admission fee is 1,000 KRW for an adult, 700 KRW for minors. For university students holding students ID can enjoy the artworks for 700 KRW.

Before entering an exhibition room, please keep in mind the museum etiquette.

1.     Children should be with their guidances.
2.     Please talk quietly in the exhibition room.
3.     Do not run in the exhibition room.
4.     Please be cautioned not to touch art works.
       5.     It is not allowed to eat in the exhibition room.

There are 4 exhibitions in Daegu Art Museum these days. You can enjoy each part on the first and second floor respectively.

Here is a brief introduction for each exhibition.
First, Think Twice, It's All Right
It will be until February 19th 2017. In this exhibition, You can check out the Daegu Art Museum’s collections.

There are many works by various 16 artists including Seo Hodo, Ahn Doojin, and Andy Warhol. The exhibition might be a little bit deep but interesting. It is helpful to understand the works with guide book, ‘Collection 2015, Think Twice’. 

Second, [stil laif] by Choe U-RamPeriod for the exhibition is until February 12th 2017.

“Anima-Machine” by Choe U-Ram is marvelous that elaborate designed works are moving. It looks like living aliens. Each piece has a title and explanation with storytelling. I think it is just like a story.

Unfortunately these photos were not able to express their movements. But there is a saying: A thousand hearings are not worth one seeing. I really recommend seeing .

Third, Y+ Artist project 1,[ Bae Jongheon: Naissance]. You can see this exhibition until February 12th 2017.

This is a project for artists based in Daegu and in order to seek for the discovery and development of potential young artists. 

The first chosen artist is Bae Jongheon. The concept for the exhibition is Marriage, Pregnancy, childbirth and child rising. 

Please enjoy about 30 artworks with drawing, painting, image, and installation.

Finally, the Awardee of the 16th Lee In Sung Art Prize: [Shadows, Clouds, and…-Melancoila of Lee Taeho’s Paintings].

It is held by February 12th 2017. The exhibition by Lee Tae Ho who is an awardee of the 16th Lee In Sung Art Prize. Who is Lee In Sung? Lee In Sung who was born in Daegu was a genius painter.

The exhibition consists of Lee Taeho’s 50-year Universe of artworks including his early works of the 80s and recent ones (2016). I think it will be a good time to think about deep reflections on the life and human beings.

After seeing whole exhibition and you still need more, it is good to look around each exhibition again.

In these cold, cold days with uncomfortable fine dust, how about go to the Daegu Art Museum and enjoy the art pieces and forget your worries? 

   1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330(Korean, English, Japanses, Chinese)
   Daegu Art Museum+82.(0)53-790-3000


Adult(age 25~64)
1,000 KRW
700 KRW
Teen (age 13~24), soldiers
700 KRW
500 KRW
Children (age 7~12)
700 KRW
500 KRW

Elders 65 or above and disable people
Children who are 6 or under
Disabled people
※ Credit card use and receipts for tax reductions are available. / No reentrance is allowed.
※ No overlapping discount with a group discount is available.
It is closed on every Monday
       Misoolgwan-ro 40 (374, Samdeok-dong), Suseong-gu, Daegu, S. Korea

    How to get there:
     Public transportation

       -By bus

          Suseong3(-1, 수성3/수성3-1)

        -By subway

            Use the green line and get off at Grand Park Station and use shuttle bus.  
      By shuttle bus : Bus stops at Grand Park Station Exit No.5


          Grand Park Station-Daegu Stadium Samgeori-Daegu Art Museum- Grand Park Station

       -Running hours

    •      - Summer season: 8:30am-7:30pm (21 times)
    •      - Winter season: 8:30am-6:30pm (19 times)
    •      - Bus interval: 30 minutes (Operation turnaround time: 14 minutes)

      -Shuttle Bus fare: Free

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