Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Breaking Weekend with One Day Trip Daegu, Korea

Weekend Breaks with 
One-Day Trip, Daegu

There are so many things to see, enjoy, and eat in Daegu.
Discover all the best things of Daegu in just one day with these itineraries. 
You won't miss any your desires.

Travel Daegu with one day trip routes following your desires. 

Course A. 

Do you love to eat? Course A is for people who love to eat!
There are beautiful murals to memorize a famous singer, Kim Kwang-suk, and beautiful cafes, including Hanok café, Korean-style house café. 
It’s also close to Dongseongno, the center of Daegu. 

Finally, you can have ‘Gopchang’, which refers to the small intestines from pork and cattle in Anjirang. There is an alley for ‘Gopchang’ in Anjirang. ‘Gopchang’ is one of the most famous foods in Daegu. Please try it. 
In this course, you may go back to your house with your happy belly. 

Kim Kwang-suk Mural Street: 2230, Dalgubeol-daero, Jung-gu

Anjirang Gopchang Alley: 872-1, Daemyeong 9-dong, Nam-gu

Course B.

Meet Morden times in Daegu.

This is a course for people who want to know about Daegu’s history
What was like in modern Daegu? It will be a good opportunity to learn how Daegu changed, and history of Daegu. I recommend starting from Cheongna Unduk(Cheongna Hill).

After that, please visit 2 famous markets in Daegu and enjoy your food; Seomun Market, and Pyeonghwa Market. In Pyeonghwa market, you can try fried chicken gizzard dish. 

Cheongna Unduk(Cheongna Hill): Dongsan-dong, Jung-gu

Pyeonghwa Market: Sinam-dong, Dong-gu 

Course C. 

Trains that flies in the Daegu’s sky!
Take a subway yellow line(monorail) and enjoy your day of Daegu, and visit Apsan Observatory and enjoy Daegu night view!
This is a course for people who want to enjoy Daegu’s day & night! 

Seomun Market: 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu

■Apsan Observatory: Apsansunhwan-ro, Daemyeong 9(gu)-dong, Nam-gu

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