Friday, January 20, 2017

Blooming 2017 Daegu Festival: 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival

Blooming 2017 Daegu Festival
2017 Colorful Daegu Festival

There are so many 2017’s festivals in Daegu, Korea. Which one would you like to attend?
2017 Colorful Daegu Festival, One of global festivals is held in the center of Daegu!

It is also wonderful just seeing the parades, but how about you participate this festival's parade as one of them?

▲2016 Colorful Daegu Festival

How to attend? Send your creative ideas for the parades! 
Main color for 2017 is RED and subject is HOPE!

▲2016 Colorful Daegu Festival
Registration period: by April 3
Parade period: May 6~7 2017 06:00pm~10:00pm
Parade Venue: Gukchae-bosang-ro (Seoseong intersection ~ Jonggak intersection)
Qualification: Any group (more than 10 people) who wants to participate in
※Your team's theme should be suitable for the festival. Unsocial or unethical themes/group can be excepted.
How to apply
1. Register through website: (Korean)
2. Send an e-mail (
★Must include: Name, contact number, the number of participants, introduction of your team, and your team's parade plan
Please remember that you need to secure the permission of the festival secretariat if you need to change your plan.
Contact: +82-53-430-1265
Show your creative parade plans with customs, accessories, and so on.

▲2016 Colorful Daegu Festival

What happens if your team is selected? Of course! There are awards for chosen teams!

Common Part
Grand Prize(1team): 30million KRW
Special Prize(1team): 3million KRW
Popularity Prize(1team): 2million KRW
Largest Group Prize(1team): 3million KRW
Multicultural Part
The First Prize(1team): 5million KRW
The Excellence Prize(1team): 3million KRW
Participation Prize(1team): 2million KRW
Overseas Part
The First Prize(1team): 10million KRW

Foreigners who live in Daegu are part of Multicultural part, Foreigners do not live in Daegu are part of Oversea part.  
Every prize is with certificates of award. Even though you are not chosen, you still get entry fee.

Are you excited to wait for the 2017 Colorful Daegu Festival?
Tell us about your story and make a memory with your friends. 

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