Thursday, January 26, 2017

Adventure & Enjoy Korea with 2017 Korea Grand Sale

Adventure & Enjoy Korea with 
2017 Korea Grand Sale 

Do you like shopping? Are you looking for great quality products with lower price?

Welcome to Korea and Daegu! 2017 Korea Grand Sale is on now!
Why this event is so special? Because it is not only for shopping but also various enjoying Korea, like accommodation, transportation, entertainment, beauty/health, and food!

▲△ Photo by 2017 Korea Grand Sale

[Helpful Tips for 2017 Korea Grand Sale!]

▲△ Photo by 2017 Korea Grand Sale

■ Coupon

  - Online coupon : Customers may use the online Korea Grand Sale Coupon(Jan.20~Feb28) for participating stores
  - Paper coupon : Customers may cut out the paper-printed coupon on Korea Grand Sale leaflets

  - Leaflets : Available at main tour information center around Korea

No membership subscription is required to receive coupon.
Other promotions or discount card offers cannot be applied together.
It cannot be exchanged for cash. 

▲△ Photo by 2017 Korea Grand Sale

■Special Offer

  1. Hands Free services
Too heavy to carry your products? Don’t worry! 
You can use “Hands Free Services”
Don’t miss the 50% discounts within the Korea Grand Sale Season.
Express international shipment of purchases(Department store-home)

- Shinsegae -Post office Launching Form(EMS Service) 
- the HYUNDAI - Global Tax Launching Form(EMS Service)
- LOTTE Department Store - Post office Launching Form(EMS Service)

  2. Korea Tour card
Receive discount benefits from all the companies that participating with Korea Grand Sale using this card! 
Transportation card-Using convenient transportation card: Subways, buses, taxis and etc. Don’t forget, you can also get another discounts for shopping, food, and concert tickets, and etc. 

 - Sales price: 4,000won
 - Where to collect : Seven-Eleven convenience store
 - Where to charge : Convenience store, subway charge stations
 - Where to refund : Convenience store
 - Customer service : Tourist info 1330(+82-2-1330)

▲△ Photo by 2017 Korea Grand Sale


■Traditional Markets in Daegu

 1. Seomun Market

△Seomun Market

  - Food and special : Flat dumpling, fried crab, black bean noodle, topped with pork belly
  - Local Products : Kalijaebi(칼제비), satin, silk, linen, hanbok(한복, Korean traditional clothes)
  - How to get there : 4 minutes by foot from exit 2 of Seomun Market Station, Daegu Metro Line 3
  - Address : 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu

 2. Daegu Yangnyeongsi Market

△Yangnyeongsi Market

  - Local products : Chicken soup with Medicinal Herbs, ‘flat dumplings of Miseongdang’, live fish, 400 kinds of medicinal herbs
  - Things to enjoy : Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine, Daegu Modern Culture Alley tour
  - How to get there : Exit 1, Jungangno Station, Daegu Subway(line 1) and exit 15, Banwoldang Station(Line2)
  - Address : 49, Dalgubeol-daero 415-gil, Jung-gu

Enjoy the 2017 Korean Grand Sale and welcome to Daegu & Korea. 

■ Inquiry : 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese etc) 


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