Thursday, December 8, 2016

Korean Cultural Experience In Hanok #2 Dado (Korean Tea Ceremony) At Donghwasa Temple In Palgongsan Mountain, Daegu

Korean Cultural Experience In Hanok #2
Korean Tea Ceremony at Donghwasa Temple

Written by Eun Young Yoo
Travel Writer

Today, we have become slaves of TV, computers and smartphones. Is there no way to let your tired bodies rest well? If you are looking for a way to truly rest, what about going out for a Dado(tea ceremony) experience? Donghwasa Temple is a thousand-year meditation temple built by Simji Wangsa (Wangsa: monks that act as counselors of the king) during the Shilla period. It is a place in Palgongsan Mountain - the most famous mountain in Daegu. You can turn your smartphones off for a while at this place.

If you turn right before crossing the Haetal Bridge entering the boundaries of Donghwasa Temple, you can find the venue of the temple stay.

Once you sit in front of the neatly arranged tea cups, the Dado(Korean tea ceremony) experience begins. Before going into the real Dado experience, you are taught about traditional manners and etiquette. When placing your hands on your belly button and bowing down to greet someone, the left hand stays on top of the right hand for men, while the right hand stays on top of the left for women. After learning about Hanbok manners and how to make a deep bow, the Dado experience finally begins.

Tea is enjoyed with the five senses. Listen to the sound of the tea while it is being poured, enjoy the subtle colors of the tea and take in its subtle fragrance. Feel the warm tea cup and lastly, savor its taste. You can learn the details on ways to drink tea and store it well.

The Dado(Korean tea ceremony) experience in Donghwasa Temple is a part of the temple stay program. However, one can also sign up for the Dado experience without registering for the temple stay. After the Dado experience, one can look around Donghwasa Temple. Find the eleven treasures hidden in every corner, such as the Biroam three-story stone tower, rock cliff seated Buddha statue, stone iron Vairocana Buddha, Geumdangam three-story stone tower, Heungjin Guksa tower. Be immersed in the scent of one thousand years of meditation. 

Donghwasa Temple
▶ Inquiry : +82-53-980-7979
▶ E-mail :
▶ Getting to Donghwasa Templestay 
Take a bus '팔공1(Palgong1)' or '급행1(Geuphang1)' at exit 2 of Ayanggyo Station on subway line 1. Get off at the entrance of Donghwasa Temple.
▶ Address : 35, Dohak-dong Dong-gu Daegu

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