Friday, December 23, 2016

Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center :: A New Landmark Of Daegu, South Korea, Going To Daegu

Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center 

Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center is a new landmark in Daegu where you can enjoy various facilities such as transportation, shopping, leisure, etc.

The existing Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal, Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal and Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal have been integrated into ‘Dongdaegu Terminal’ in the Dondaegu Complex Transit Center and started its first operation on December 12.
Seodaegu Express Bus Terminal, Seobu, Bukbu (West and North), Hyunpung Intercity Terminal continue operating. 

You can freely transfer and use all public transportation such as KTX, city railway, bus, etc. here at the new Dongdaegu terminal. When coming to Daegu from the airport or from other areas using the airport limousine, KTX, express bus or intercity bus, you will arrive at Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center and you can also use this when you travel from Daegu to other places.

1st Floor: Express & Intercity Bus Arrival

3rd Floor: Ticket Office, Express & Intercity Bus Departure

Transit Center Information

1st Floor
· Express Bus & Intercity Bus Arrival / Pick-up Place
· Cargo Service
  (Sinsegae department store 1st - 2nd floor multi-layered levels)

3rd Floor
· Ticket Office
· Express Bus & Intercity Bus Departure
  (for Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Chungcheong, Jeolla-do area, airport bus, etc.)
※ KTX Dongdaegu Train Station flat connection

4th Floor
· Express Bus & Intercity Bus Departure(for Gyeongsang-do area, etc.)

5th Floor
· Outside Parking(Annex Parking) Area Connection 

· Metro Line No.1 Connection

B2 ~ B6
· Underground Parking
Annex parking area and B3 of Complex Transit Center open for 24 hours

The ground floor of the new terminal operates as the pick-up place of express buses and intercity buses arriving from all over the country. If you want to go to Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Chungcheong, Jeolla-do area, you can get a ride on the 3rd floor where the ticket office is situated. For buses going to Gyeongsang-do, you can get a ride on the 4th floor.

In addition, there is not only a transportation facility but also a Shinsegae department store and Daegu’s first aquarium inside Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center building. It is a multifunctional facility that provides not only convenience but also various enjoyments to citizens and visitors.

Dongdaegu Complex Transit Center: 153 Dongbu-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

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