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Daegu City Tour Bus :: The Best Way To Know All The Key Points In Daegu, South Korea

The Best Way To Travel In Daegu
Daegu City Tour Bus Experience

The best way to know all the key points in Daegu is the City Tour Double-Decker bus, not only for having a privileged view of the cities but also because the bus will take you to the most remarkable places in the city.

Daegu City Tour Bus

The first bus depart from Dondaegu Station at 9:30am and from there it takes you to Pyeonghwa Market, Dongseongno, Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park and Jongno, Modern Cultural Alley, Seomun Market and Dalseong Park, Bangogae Seasoned Raw Fish Alley, E-world and Duryu Park, Anjirang Seasoned Gopchang Alley, Mt. Apsan Observatory, Suseongji Pond, Children´s Hall, Kim Kwang-suk Road, and Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park.

The guide in the bus was very polite and thank to her recommendation I decided to visit Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park and Jongno, Mt. Apsan Observatory and Kim Kwang-suk Road, because the tour bus allows for freely embarking and disembarking the city tour bus with a one-time ticket purchase.

Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

The bus arrived to Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park and Jongno at 9:50 and after 3 minutes walking you can find a beautiful park with many birds, a very relaxing place. Also you can enter to the Daegu Modern History Museum, a place where they are related the lately events in the city.

Daegu Modern History Museum

The next tour bus arrives to the stop every 40 minutes, so in my case I took the 10:30 bus to Apsan Mountain. During the tour you can see how the city moves, very fast and changing, it is an interesting perspective.

Nakdong-gang Victory Memorial Hall

Before hiking to Apsan Observatory you can visit the Nakdong-gang Victory Memorial Hall, a place where army vehicles and planes used in the war of Korea are displayed.

Nakdong-gang Victory Memorial Hall

Inside there are also uniforms and other supplies for Korean soldiers. Apsan Observatory is always nice no matter what season it is. The spectacular view of the city is just hypnotizing.

Apsan Mountain Top

Entrance of Daeseongsa Temple

Kim Kwang-suk Road

When I climbed down, the bus was already waiting for taking me to the next destination: Kim Kwang-suk Road, a very pleasant place in Daegu, where there are many spots for creative mural paintings.

Kim Kwang-suk road

Kim Kwang-suk Road
The last bus arrives to Dongdaegu around 18:40, so actually you can spend the whole day visiting wonderful places in the city.
The ticket fares are: 5,000won for adults & university students, 4,000won for middle & high school students, 3,000won for elementary school students, seniors & the disabled. But there is also 20% fare discount for:
- Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day
- Passengers in groups of over 10 persons
- Foreign tourists (with accommodation voucher)

In the City Tour Bus web pages there is more information about the stops and schedule and also two PDF files that you can download: Click Here!

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