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Top 5 Korean Winter Food :: Popular Winter Comfort Foods And Snacks To Keep You Warm

Popular Korean Winter Food Top 5

Trying street food should be on every traveler’s travel bucket list. 
As Korea enters the chilly season of the year, there are winter comfort foods and snacks that can be enjoyed in the cold weather in Korea. The most popular and common Korean street foods you’ll find are below.

1. Odeng(오뎅) with Broth

Besides the cold winds and early sunset, Odeng is another sign that winter has come in Korea. Odeng is a fishcake skewer sold from any food vendors and the cheapest of snacks you can find.
The real reason why this is a comfort winter food is that the broth boiled with fishcake skewers warms you up inside.
Usually an Odeng skewer costs from 500 to 1,000 won each, sometimes two for 1,000 won. And the broth is free with unlimited refills!

• Recommended Place To FindSeomun Market 

2. Jjinppang (찐빵)

Jjinbbang is another sign that winter is present in Korea. Jjinppang is a steamed bun stuffed with sweet red bean paste.
In Daegu, Gachcang Jjinppang Street where jjinppang stores lined up specializes in jjinppang. This jinppang street had been featured in TV shows, newspapers, and magazines several times making it famous nationwide. Jjjinbbang is served fresh out of the steamer and is great for curing your chills while traveling in winter. 
Jjinppang usually costs around 3,000 per five pieces.

• Recommended Place To Find : Gachang Jjinppang Street

3. Kaljebi (칼제비)

Kaljebi is a traditional dish made by boiling the noodle of Kalguksu(chopped noodles) and Sujebi(hand-torn noodles). It is enjoyed by most Korean people regardless season but also a great winter food that warms both the body and mind.
To have Kaljebi, go to Seomun Market, the largest traditional market in Daegu. The Soemun Market is famous for Kaljebi with other some Korean street foods.   
It is not pricey as it costs only about 3,000 won. 

• Recommended Place To Find : Seomun Market

4. Hotteok (호떡)

Hotteok(Korean fried pancake) is one of the most popular among locals. Because it’s cheap, tasty, chewy and sold all over the country! Hotteok is made with sticky rice dough and is filled with sugar. The melted sweet sugar filling the dough would comfort you in the cold weather.  
Hotteok is priced around 1,000 won 

• Recommended Place To Find : Seomun Market

5. Coffee (커피)

Besides the Korean street food, coffee is one of the popular winter drinks all around the seasons in Korea. 
If you happen to travel to Daegu, visit the ‘Coffee Alley’ in Dongseongno, the centre of the city. The cafes in the Coffee Alley specialize in coffee. They make different flavors of drinks in their own ways. Experience their specialty coffee drinks to keep you warm!

• Recommended Place To Find : Coffee Alley of Dongseongno

■ Seomun Market : 115-378, Daesin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
■ Dongseongno Coffee Alley : Dongseong-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
 Gachang Jjinppang Street1099, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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