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Korean Tea Ceremony & Traditional Hanbok Experience :: Borim Cultural Center-Korean Traditional Culture Experience Hall In Daegu

Korean Tea Ceremony & Traditional Hanbok Experience

Hello Everyone, This is Sangharsh(상가쉬) from Daegu Travels Blog Supporter.
Since many of the readers of my post are either people who are living in Daegu or want to visit Daegu and looking for something exciting, adventurous or new to do or try, in this post I will be giving you really exciting information about a place where you can visit and learn about the Traditional Korean Tea Ceremony while wearing the Hanbok(the traditional costume of Korea).

Let me first tell you about how I got interested and what got me attracted to search for these rare traditional experiences in city of Daegu.
When I was doing my Korean language classes my textbook contained few pictures of the traditional hanbok.

Even my day to day toothbrush had its cover with the designs of Scholar wearing a Hanbok. :)

They looked very spectacular and I always wanted to try them.

There are also tea ceremonies which are very specific to Korean culture. Korean consider tea making as an art. The tea making process has a set of rules and I was always curious about it.

At last I got an opportunities to experience Hanbok and learn tea making in one of the historical places of Daegu. 

This place is named ‘Borim Cultural Center - Korean Traditional Culture Experience Hall’.

First I tried the traditional Korean Hanbok.

How do I look? πŸ˜‚
I am wearing Hanbok but doing the Indian way of Greeting “Namaste” A mix of Korean Costume and Indian Greetings 

Somehow I feel like a powerful person wearing that Hanbok. 

Then one of the staff from the center came and showed us something very interesting and amazing.

She was holding something like a drumstick in her hands and was moving it circularly around that big bowl. At first I was confused what she was doing. But all of a sudden a smooth sound started coming from that bowl. It was so soothing.

Taking a closed look one can see how patiently she was doing it.

After that a lady came to teach us about the traditional art of Korean Tea Making, she showed us how tea set was arranged. The red colour cloth has to be on the top and then it has to be removed in a specific manner.

We also had this in front of us to look at the instructor and practice.

Then she took off that cloth. The tray was arranged very beautifully.

We also had the same type of tray in front of us. It looked like this. There were 3 cups for guests. You can also see delicious Songpyeon(Korean rice cake).

This is how we were all seating and experiencing the art of Korean tea making wearing hanbok.

I tried my best to properly learn the art of Tea making.

This is the traditional Korean Hat called ‘Gat’ (κ°“).
And the dress is called ‘Durumagi’ (λ‘λ£¨λ§ˆκΈ°).

I bet you guys want to try this too. I will be sharing the location for the place. So if you want to learn the Korean tea making and wear hanbok and experience the Korean culture then do come to Daegu. 

If you have any queries then do comment on the post and if you like the post then do share it among your friends. Daegu Travel has always been a right podium for those who want to experience this beautiful city filled with almost everything that you desire. 
Have a nice day!   

[Borim Cultural Center]
Korean Traditional Culture Experience Hall
■ Program : Trying on Hanbok, Traditional Korean Tea Ceremony, Korean Manners
■ Time : 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours
■ Reservation
    TEL : +82-10-8423-5535
    ★Reservation is required and available for more than 5 people.
■ Cost : 10,000 won per person
■ Address : 13-5, Dalgubeol-daero 527-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

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