Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jincheoncheon River In Daegu - A Pleasant Road To Walk Through During Fall To Have a Pleasant Time During Travel In Korea

A Pleasant Road To Walk Through During Fall
Jincheoncheon River

There are many places in the Daegu city of Korea where nature has maintained its course. Jincheoncheon is one of the great places with nature. It is a small river of Daegu that flowers into Nakdong River.

There is a trail along the riverside where the citizens of Daegu spend their leisure time. There are those who bike, and those who freely engage in sports such as gateball, basketball, and running and can also find couples on their dates. :) 

Now fall has come in Korea. There are cosmoses and unidentified flowers in full bloom by the Jincheoncheon. 

If you follow the trail by the riverside, you can find the field of reeds beside the trail.

Are you in search of a place with a beautiful scenery? Why not try going to Jincheoncheon? It shows off a beautiful sky, flowers, and reeds at the moment. You will have a pleasant time during your travel in the city. 

Getting to Jincheoncheon
5min walk from the exit 4 of Daegok Station(Daegu Subway Line 1)

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