Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Foliage Trip To Hillcrest Of Daegu - Fall Foliage Destination In South Korea

Foliage Trip To HILLCREST

Written by Eun Young Yoo
Travel Writer

The falling leaves covered Seorak Mountain of Korea in red, and made Daegu city’s nature change its color of clothes. The red-stained leaves are covered with frost while the yellow ginkgo leaves look more fresh as they are covered with dewdrops. This harmony created by nature makes Daegu beautiful.

When fall comes, Daegu is the first thing that comes to mind for lovers to visit. Hongdanpunggil(red leaves street) at Hillcrest is the best place to visit when thinking of a fall date course. Gachangmyeon lies over the colorful foot of a mountain following Sincheondaero. The rush of leaves falling from the mountain top is exceptionally beautiful in the place called Hillcrest.

After passing by the east gate’s ticket office, the first thing in sight is the mecca road that has a vast metasquare. Leaving aside the charming buildings and exhibits that look like a fairyland, head straight to Hongdanpunggil. After crossing Chulleong Bridge, the Flora stage brought our footsteps to as top. No our hearts stopped for a moment. 

The never-ending path has fine foliage filling the landscape. The scenery itself is just like a painting. The road is lined on both sides with red leaves and is a good place for lovers to walk on while holding hands. After 500 meters, there is an observatory for red leaves. The hand-love sculpture and LOVE sculpture photo-zone can also be seen. This is not the end. The Hongdanpunggil is about 1 km. Go a bit further and enjoy the romance that red leaves bring. 

At the end of the Hongdanpunggil, an elegant and graceful house can be seen on its right. This is the restored Eunjaeheon from Andong inundated zone. Eunjaeheon is perfect for people who want to sit and take a rest.

Hillcrest has numerous sites besides the Hongdanpunggil such as JuJu Land, SangSang Theater, Woodpecker Land, Agriculture Life Museum and Phytoncide Plaza. Among them, the Hills-romantic-garden is the heart of Hillcrest. Numerous photo-zones exist for lovers to take photos and herbal scents fill the place. For lovers who enjoy thrill and adventure, the eco-adventure is recommended. Enjoy the lush forest and experience an exhilarating adventure.

■ Direction
• By Bus : Departing from Dongdaegu Station(1hour) 
  1. Take bus 413 across from Dongdaegu Station
  2. Get off at Hillcrest entrance(Herbhillz entrance) (41 stops)
  ※ Bus : 240, 304, 405, 413, 44, Gachang2(가창2), Rapid2(급행2)
• By Taxi 
It takes you about 30mins from Dongdaegu Station and costs 12.000won.
Copy this and show to a driver : 힐크레스트(허브힐즈)

■ Address 
534-1, Yonggye 5-ri, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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